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It really DOES work………

Discussion in 'Kombi Stories' started by GW2200, Dec 20, 2021.

  1. GW2200

    GW2200 Active Member

    Further to an earlier post of mine - My little story has a tale……

    The following is an excerpt from The New York Times on 19/12/21:- …….…Eric Adams, Brooklyn borough president and New York’s incoming mayor. He was highly critical of the city’s approach to rats during the mayoral election campaign this fall - in one speech Adams listed de Blasio’s $32m efforts before adding: “All of these devices and items are unsuccessful. Instead Adams has come up with a plan of his own, which involves the use of a sort of rat bucket.

    The device lures rodents in with promise of food, then dumps them, via trap door, into a liquid. The rats then die. According to the manufacturer, more than 30 rats can be caught in the bucket before it has to be emptied. The next mayor is extremely enamoured with the rat bucket, lauding it at length over the past two years, and he even demonstrated the device at a press conference a couple of years ago, where Adams’ team said they had placed five of the buckets around his Brooklyn office building……….

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