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Kingscliff Camping Weekend

Discussion in 'Queensland/Northern NSW' started by douggieboy, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. douggieboy

    douggieboy Active Member

    Robina, Gold Coast
    9th - 11th March, 2007

    Hot weather, a quiet spot right on the beach, good surf, cool & clear water, friendly & laid back camp managers, good Kombi mates.

    What more could you ask for?

    Thanks to Stu for suggesting the venue and arranging the sites. Good work.

    Here's the line up Sunday morning:

    Attached Files:

  2. JHB88

    JHB88 Member

    Ipswich, QLD
    Yes it was a great weekend - Thanks punchbuggy for organising this.

    The kids loved it and it is definately on our list of favorite places now.

    A good old fashioned caravan park and camping ground right on the beach. It actually felt safe enough to let the kids go to the facilities by themselves (but of course we could see them anyway).

    BBQ spot right near the tent sites which we used on Saturday night. We actually received a papal visit from the Reverend himself.

    The evening's entertainment was provided by Gunter (no "H") and 3 jugs of home brew (but nobody else got any so you work it out).

    Went down the road to the esturary on Sunday which is another great spot for the kids.

    Too much sun (hey douggieboy!), too much water (no restrictions down there!) and too much fun for one weekend - lets do it again soon.

    The spot:

    The Kombis:

    JHB88 and van tent:

    The morning after the night before (Gunter's site):
  3. ttmck

    ttmck Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hallett Cove STH AUS
    Green grass , whats that guys looks like you have had a wonderfull weekend , the location looks super , the one thing i would like to know whats his reverence like and giving surmons , what can we expect at canberra ! as long as he serves the red wine i will be in attendence !!

    well done to all
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2007
  4. punchbuggy

    punchbuggy New Member

    KINGSCLIFF weekend -

    Mate great weekend. Good to meet your kombi, janine and the kids. Glad you liked my choice of destination even if it is only 500m from my house. Ah well gotta save petrol.

    I reckon the only thing mising on the weekend were another 7 kombis. Lets hope the location got full approval from the reverend. We know Gunter approved.

    The place is so layed back at the old fashioned camp ground that Doug and Dale kept the jarmies on all day. Good luck to em i reckon.

    Hope to see more back down there in 6 - 10 weeks time.

    Cheers Stu
    p.s. would love a pic of your machine @ www.ratemykombi.com
  5. 77bay

    77bay Active Member

    Woody Point
    Looks like a great weekend, unfortunately I was stuck at work. Hopefully we can get to the next one.

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