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    Bought from the Netherlands a 12V clock for the Type3 to go with the Kmh Speedo with Odometer from Spain and the Fuel Gauge from Germany to swap in to the Type 3 as didn't like the Australian VDO Gauges (Type3 Members Ride thread has pictures) .... everything working fine then the clock called it a day - ok accept it's 45 years young and the hardest working gauge in any car .

    Enquire with some VW contacts meanwhile seeking information from Lionel Otto Instruments (http://www.ottoinstruments.com.au/) ...... one contact says just take it to them as they are always busy so did just that and was greeted by owner John Robertson who was positive with being able to get it working ..... ended up taking nearly 5 weeks after being told 2, however taking into consideration a lot of things and what had been read on other sites it's not a simple fix what with resistors, points, gears, balance weight etc + jobs in line I wanted it fixed and back in. As for price I thought it'd be around $200 which it was and happy with it.

    So if you've got a speedo, fuel gauge or clock in your old skool VW that needs some TLC or repair then I'd recommend Lionel Otto Instruments ...... click on previously posted link ;)
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