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Madam Gs roadworthy

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Royce, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Split 1

    Split 1 New Member

    Great work in such a short time and you will now know it's been done to a safe standard.
    I also think the colours are great, are you going to keep it that colour, I am guessing it's primer but the colours work well together

  2. Dingostrategy

    Dingostrategy Active Member

    SW Vic ++
    Ahh, that's better. Beautifully done!
  3. Hippy-71

    Hippy-71 New Member

    umina beach nsw
    I had the pleasure of score'n a drive of Pandora whilst at Valla.....Stoked !!!

    Such a great effort by all involved get'n her ready in time for Valla !
  4. Necro

    Necro Active Member

    If only I could type Darth Vader's entry march....dur dur dur durdur dur durdur...dur dur dur durdur dur durdur dur....All hail Pandora!
  5. T1 Terry

    T1 Terry Well-Known Member

    Mannum South Australia
    Part of Pandora's captured personalities are making themselves know in the left hand rear panel, there is a face appearing. No, it was the result of partaking in hallucinogenic substances, the face has been witness by many.
    All involved in the Madame's transformation to Pandora have done a great job, it one of those things that really need to be seen in person to appreciate. Well done team.

    T1 Terry
  6. KahunaKombi

    KahunaKombi Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bracken Ridge, Qld
    OR should that be Dark Helmet and may the Schwartz be With You :p
  7. Just Corey

    Just Corey New Member

    Port Elliot
    OK, OK

    Now the really funny thing here is not just as simple as the above spaceballs reference may seem. The female lead character: Princess Vespa (got to love that name), was played by Daphne Zuniga.

    She was in a few other TV shows & movies (mainly known for Melrose place) but was also on a TV mini series called Pandora's Clock
  8. Royce

    Royce Active Member

    Goulburn NSW
    Gang, the great unveiling, well, the great arrival, was awesome, a word that sums up our weekend... It was funny, we kept turning up just as the north bound convoy had left! Finally caught up at Taree to appreciative oohs and arghs.

    The pics are quite flattering, but dont do the driving experience any justice. She may not be showy but she shines in my eyes. That little 1600 got a good work out over the 1300 odd kms it took to get her and us there and back, and she was flawless. She handles fantastically, she goes where you point her and sticks to the road (head wind excepted) and everything else, welding, brakes, etc - brilliant.

    I cant begin to thank the big guy for everything he has done and everything he brought to the experience - parts (lots of them) , labour, effort, time, enthusiasm, dogged determination in getting her there and for smiling the whole way through (at least what I saw - cant vouch for the late nights I was at home in bed and he was welding away in the back shed).

    Thanks everyone for their kind words and encouragement in what was a very rewarding and at points scary experience. Thanks to Andrew for letting me do what had to be done in the face of dwindling cash and a burgeoning credit limit, and to the other members of the "gang of four" who did more than just pitch in but happily shared the ride. You guys are, well there are no adjectives that do you justice.

    I am warming to the colour scheme and for the forseeable future, we are going to tidy one or two things up and let her ride for a little while. Dave, I always admired your previous bus, the grey and white one with the black and white and red interior, but we are going to cruise for a little while and see where it leads us. Velvet green and white is also a favourite, but she does stand out with the black and grey and red delux stripe. Who knows.

    And so ends the first chapter of the story!
  9. marcus

    marcus Member

    Moorebank, Sydney
    Hi Royce,

    I saw you on the freeway yesterday in your little convoy of splitties, I think there was a lowlight and at one point a couple of beetles. I went up to Byron for the weekend and stopped in to Nambucca for the street parade and saw some amazing dubs on the way north on Saturday.

    Coming home I saw so many vw's it was heaven, then I came across your convoy, it looked fantastic, Pandora looks absolutely beautiful, I was in my Subaru and I waved and beeped like mad but you looked like you were deep in concentration and the arm muscles were working overtime keeping her on the road in that horrendous westerly crosswind we had. Even in a modern car with power steer I had to concentrate.

    Congrats on getting her on the road, she looks beeeeautiful :)
  10. phatratpat

    phatratpat New Member

    nice wheels,where did you get them from ?
  11. Royce

    Royce Active Member

    Goulburn NSW
    Pat, George at Classic VW did the supply on the wheels.
  12. Zombi

    Zombi Active Member

    Camooweal QLD
    awesome! Well dome to everyone on meeting the deadline and getting pandora to Valla and back! What an effort.
  13. Lesley.starpower.

    Lesley.starpower. Member

    glad that royce is happy with it , still have a few small things to clean up . but mainly drive the crapper out of it some more (I need the yard space ;)..)
  14. The Dub Driver (Byronbug)

    The Dub Driver (Byronbug) Well-Known Member

    Nice to finally meet you all (Klaus & friends) at Valla with Royce...
    you all should be very proud of yourselves...one hell of a job there...well done

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