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Membership breakdown

Discussion in 'New Members' started by cammokombi, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. cammokombi

    cammokombi New Member

    Melbourne Victoria
    I see here and there in the threads people ask you how many members are in that state etc. Would it be possible to do a state by state breakdown of members so we can see out of a 1000 members which states have how many members? I think it would be interesting to see and appreciated.
  2. melissa

    melissa Administrator Staff Member

    Newcastle NSW
    It's a bit difficult because not everyone puts their location in their profile when they register.
  3. brookie

    brookie Guest

    You can get an idea by going to membership list and counting-but as Melissa says not all members show their State
  4. cammokombi

    cammokombi New Member

    Melbourne Victoria
    ok ta!

    Ok Too hard basket! Forget that one... Maybe the website rego part should have * required fields for location????
  5. brookie

    brookie Guest

    Yes ...yes... Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands
  7. kommodius

    kommodius Active Member

    Seconded!! .................. sorry Synchro, "thirded!"

    Ray & da Boyz
  8. Kombi Dad

    Kombi Dad Well-Known Member

    Bungendore, NSW
    Maybe a script could be run against the database and have a category of unknown for those who have not included their location. I had a look not long back and gave up about half way through. The rsults agve some indication as follows:

    Adelaide 28
    Australind 1
    Avoca Beach 1
    Barossa Valley 1
    Bellingen 1
    Bendigo 2
    Braidwood 1
    Bribie Island 2
    Brisbane 48
    Broken Hill 1
    Bungendore 1
    Burnie 1
    Byron Bay 8
    Canada 1
    Canberra 9
    Coffs Harbour 3
    Davenport 1
    Drouin 1
    Dubbo 1
    Geelong 2
    Gladstone QLD 1
    Godwin Beach 1
    Gold Coast 33
    Gove 1
    Gunnedah 1
    Gympie 1
    Hawkesbury 1
    Hervey Bay 1
    Hobart 10
    Hunter Valley 2
    Ipswich 1
    Lake Illawarra 1
    Las Vegas 1
    Launceston 1
    Lorne 1
    Maclean 1
    Maryborough 1
    Melbourne 32
    Moffat Beach 1
    Moonta 1
    Mt Gambier 1
    Murray Bridge 1
    Narre Warren 1
    Newcastle 5
    NZ 2
    Ocean Grove 1
    Pearces Creek 1
    Penrith 1
    Perth 13
    Ranelagh TAS 1
    Shailer Park 1
    Spencers Brook 1
    Sunshine Coast 13
    Sydney 29
    Tanja 1
    Temora 1
    Toowoomba 1
    Townsville 2
    Tumby Bay 1
    UK 9
    wallan 1
    Warwick 1
    Wilton 1
    Wollongong 2

    I did not include the unknowns in this list. It is interesting none the less.
  9. Alpal

    Alpal Moderator Staff Member

    Melbourne Bend of Islands
    Wery interesting. But vot does it mean?? And vot are ve goink to do vis it?

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