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Discussion in 'The Kombi Club Bus stop 2017' started by David H, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. David H

    David H Well-Known Member

    Hi Kombi Lovers,
    Lauren & David H were made to feel most welcome at our first Bus Stop. T'was a wonderful enjoyable experience & totally recommended for any that have not done this before:D.

    Just the nicest bunch of Kombi owners & a special thanks to Debstar (&Phil) for organising this so well & planning the excellent weather;).

    We loved the easy 'no cooking' week end & chatting with others about our buses. We've just met a wonderful diverse collective. Saturday was not long enough to meet Soo.. many new people. We think we've got half the names down but we'll get the rest at Stanthorpe;).

    Thank you to all we got the chance to chat with. You helped make our weekend 'special' :D.

    If you're in doubt about going to a Bus Stop this is our strong recommendation to go & we'll see you there & welcome you.
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  2. 73kombi

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    Bonnells Bay
    We are so glad you had a great time:D, and yes once you have been bitten by the Bust Stop bug:p you are hooked! we look forward to the next one as soon as we leave from the last one:D!
    It was absolutely wonderful to meet all the Bust Stop Virgins this yearand catch up with all the peeps you only get to see at this event. Roll On Stanthorpe we will be there!
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  3. gordo 77DC

    gordo 77DC Active Member

    Fantastic post David,

    I read with interest the posts in the lead up to Bus Stop, the excitement for those attending, and the disappointment for the regulars that were unable.

    So obviously Debstar, Phil, and The Bus Stop deserve a big pat on the back, which has already been expressed on the forum numerous times, .... and all the attendees which has made it such a success.

    looking forward to checking out the photos, and some experiences such as David's, - or 'what happens on the the road - stays on the road' -;)

    Hopefully by July - this year??, the ute will be drivable:D, - never finished:(, and Stanthorp will be on the list next year :), where I know I will be accepted and welcomed - if just for a weekend! :p:p.

  4. Mr Beckstar

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    Bateau Bay, NSW
    Good to meet you guys too! Hopefully we'll see you on a few runs before then. There's a forum on here for NSW Events but also check out Coast to Hunter Veedubbers and Central Coast Kombi Club on Facebook for ad hoc arrangements. Cheers!
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