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Newcastle Relay for Life 2016

Discussion in 'NSW' started by wirrah, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. wirrah

    wirrah Well-Known Member

    Lower Hunter, NSW
    Very warm, sunny and eventually windy day. The team raised $2500 which was more than expected.

    2016 11 05 001.jpg

    2016 11 05 005.jpg

    2016 11 05 006.jpg

    2016 11 05 011.jpg

    Setting up the Jimmy Buffett bar...

    2016 11 05 014.jpg

    2016 11 05 019.jpg

    The Bar is Open
    2016 11 05 021.jpg

    2016 11 05 026.jpg
  2. Tequila Sunrise

    Tequila Sunrise Active Member

    Belmont, Newcastle
    What a great effort to raise this money for a very worthy cause, thanks to all who turned up for Relay for Life and thanks Greg for the photos, great bar by the way! Kombi owners are always happy every hour lol! Thanks to Bruce and Mark for making this all happen and the ongoing friendships we have all enjoyed each time.
    Looking forward to our next catch up
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  3. 73kombi

    73kombi Active Member

    Bonnells Bay
    What a great day, and well done Bruce and Mark, killed it guys :) enjoyed the day and catching up with those I don't see often! AND yes I will be there again next year for this great cause.
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