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NSW Ebay kombi

Discussion in 'Buying and selling help' started by Mafti, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Mafti

    Mafti New Member

    Ive found a kombi on Ebay ( 77 microbus ) in Outer Western Sydney. If anyone in the area can look at it for me and give me their opinion it would be appreciated. There is something like 3 days to go so I know its short notice. But if you dont ask, you dont get. Thanks.

  2. GypsyWannabe

    GypsyWannabe Active Member

    Quakers Hill, Sydney

    If that's the blue one at Springwood, I think it's being sold by a KC member "nitram" (Martin). I sent him a PM to check but I haven't seen him on the Forums for a while. The eBay seller name seems to align to his KC username.

    If it's his, I saw it in his driveway when I bought some seats off him that he had in a wreck/donor bus. It was a daily driver. From memory, there had been a fair bit of rain back then and it had a bit of a leak somewhere near the back window, cos his wife was airing out the mattress. (Martin wasn't there).

    It looked fairly solid from memory but I couldn't vouch for it. I'm sure there may have been some rust in some of the usual spots but not being a coastal bus, it may not be too bad.

    Springwood is in the Blue Mountains and I wouldn't be able to get there.

    Hope that's some help.



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