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Oil temp and timing issue

Discussion in 'Engine & Transmission' started by CoffsKombi, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. CoffsKombi

    CoffsKombi New Member

    Coffs Harbour
    I have a 2l manual. I went for a run to Yamba yesterday the ambient temp was around 27 and the oil temp went to 130 ish and stayed there. I have read on various posts that 130 is ok..and in some where 130 is a no no. When i got to destination i opened engine lid and felt dip stick..it was warm but definatly not hot. I then took it out and felt the oil on it, again it was better than warm but definalty not uncomfortable to the touch. So my question is this...at that temp should the dip stick and oil be hotter than what i expirenced. If the answer is yes, then maybe i have a faulty sender.
    Second question...Mechanic has been playing with timimg of late. I still feel it is not right, which also might explain oil temp issue I have now just purchase my own timing gun. Is there anywhere on this site that explained in lay mans terms the correct procedure for doing the timing..and what is the correct settings.
  2. Van Housing

    Van Housing Well-Known Member

    Yarraville Vic
    For the first point - temperature gauges are not accurate. It sounds like the reading of 130 on your gauge doesn't relate to a high temperature (as you can hold the dipstick comfortably) - so I wouldn't panic about it. I would think of the reading as 120, and monitor any sharp rises (and pull over if they occur). As long as you keep the tappets and timing adjusted, ensure there are no gaps in your tinware etc (as suggested in other threads) then you should be able to drive with confidence, and likely without major problem.

    There is an article on type2.com on adjusting timing:
  3. jon ward

    jon ward Active Member

    Travelling Australia
    8deg B4 TDC +/- 2deg

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