"OZ", my Syncro Campervan for Down Under - REALLY pic heavy

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by kleinersyncro, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Gerry and Robyn

    Gerry and Robyn Active Member

    Lilydale Vic. Australia
    Well.....maybe you're right.
  2. evan&janine

    evan&janine Active Member

    chambers flat
    Hi yall, nice to see great pics of the various vw stable, with the shade screen fittings how do they work with roof rack/ screen combo. Im considering but not started looking . Happy wheeling.
  3. Syncro27

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    Terrigal, NSW Central Coast
    Gerry those things tear syncro gearboxes apart.

    Petrol Motors are much more gentle.

    Yes the monster truck tyres do suck the power from your engine a bit :eek:

    Arne - good momentum and low tyre pressures (don't stop in soft sand) helps a lot!
  4. Andy.

    Andy. Active Member

    Can second the momentum and low tyre pressure. I've not had any major issues in the sand. In fact on my last trip, did some experimenting with 2WD/AWD and diff lock in various situations. Other than re-starting from a stand still or changing tracks if the sand is chopped up, can do most things in 2WD no problems.
    I might be a little old and slow, I've not had any issues with the power of the MV, just be prepared with gear selection and revs. On the odd occasion I have miss judged I have been surprised how well the MV hangs on. Last thing you want to do is attempt a gear change in soft sand,

    Can also be challenging in a group, I tend to hang back so you have options if some one in front stops, and get to see the best track to follow :)
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  5. Resnort

    Resnort Active Member

    Dbay QLD
    Great write up and stories. those awning brackets are just what the doctor ordered for my bus :) ......but I'll try making my own first, I have no issue with the price of the product, just the postage.

    Chunky tires aren't necessarily for soft sand, as the side walls will dig you in at the same time. smoother patterns and minimal sidewall tread works better.
    Or as the old beach buggy guys did, just use some plane tires o_O
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