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Peats Ridge Festival (29th Dec 2010 to 1st Jan 2011)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by crave, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. crave

    crave New Member

    Wollongong NSW
    Hi KCs,

    Last year (28Dec09-01Jan10) we went to the Woodford Folk Festival in QLD in our 2 Kombis which was a real buzz. This year we're looking at going to Peats Ridge Festival (29Dec10-01Jan11) which is closer and I'd say not as hot !!! Not sure how it compares to Woodford ?? Hoping to find out if there are any other Kombi Club members who happen to be going this year and/or have been before. eg what is the camping scenario like ? Are there heaps of food stalls (cause I'm too lazy to cook) ? What's the security like ? I'm even thinking of even hiring a Teepee which sleeps 6 people !!!

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