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Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by schmonyon, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. schmonyon

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    West Oz
    Hey Hey,

    Just had an unfortunate mishap with my pop top on my way home today, a storm rolled in and a big gust of wind snapped the straps holding the pop top down and it lifted up, luckily it didnt blow off but i had to sit in the back for half hour holding it down until the storm passed haha was an interesting experience.

    Anyway, my question is, what are you pop top guys using to hold down your pop tops ? i will get some pics of what was holding mine down which in hindsight are pretty weak.
  2. Grantus

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    Southern ACT
    I see you are “enjoying the ride”, in more ways than you may have wanted too......:eek:

    Over to David H - please enlighten this member about the aerodynamics of a pop top, and the ways to combat this, to ensure not have a repeat experience. ;)

    (I’ve only got a “tin top”, so haven’t been down your path.)
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  3. betsy

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    i use a little bit of cord that secures the spring loaded hook to the clip .
    So that it won't move and unclip . FB_IMG_1512990327572.jpg FB_IMG_1512990319285.jpg

    havent had the problem of pop top lifting in a cross wind since
  4. Sahara Hilton

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    Ouch !
    Just for info., this rear-pivoted pop-up Westfalia's centre-line latching mechanism is within the rear cabin, and when the thick steel spring-pin goes back into its safe-locked-mode, there is a most satisfactory Clunk. The pin is probably about 15mm thick diameter, and its brackets are bolted in. The rubber seal around the pop-up tensions against the latched pin. If it hasn't locked-down with that "Clunk", we don't move !
    Fierce gusty cross-winds or being too close behind a B-double's turbulence, can jink us about, but the lid stays down !

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