Portable Fridge for Camping

Discussion in 'Camping Australia' started by Barry, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Makes perfect sense, and well worth considering. ;)

    Never really thought about the flow of cold air out of an upright fridge over a chest style one, each time it’s opened, until reading your post........ learnt some valuable info!

    Cheers. :)
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    Although true re air...a fridge that's full, especially with high water content items copes better than a lightly packed fridge.
    Specific temp of air is much lower than that of water.

    A test I did on an older 300?l fridge gave a consumption of 1140 W per 24 hr , closed.
    While a shorter test extrapolated to 24 hrs and opening door 5 times per hr for a short period gave a consumption of about 1400W.

    Not huge in the scheme of things for cost on the grid but relevent for a smaller fridge that is also running off battery.

    The interesting point to me was the relationship of normal losses thru insulation compared to losses via frequent use.
    ie small difference in household bill overall.
    Don't have the figures but insulation quality, size of fridge ( internal vs external ratio) , external factors such as air flow over radiating surfaces are likely as significant.
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