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Power loss from time to time

Discussion in 'Fuel System & Electrics' started by CoffsKombi, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. CoffsKombi

    CoffsKombi New Member

    Coffs Harbour
    OK....this is a tough one. I have a 2 lt. Some times it looses power like it has dropped a cylinder or the choke has jamed on. If you stop, turn the engine off 9 times out of ten it will be clear when you re start. The only other thing it does when this happens is back fire badly when you decelerate....It has me, my mate and two VW mechanics baffled. Any one care to specutate..We have replaced fuel pump with electric one, replaced all fuel lines. The other point is that it has only started from when i got the cabies back from a complete overhaul from Carberetta Services in Sydney, which leads me to fuel, but im now thinking maybe electrical....
  2. Do you have a tacho installed?? I had a tacho wire once earth out on the body which caused symptoms similiar to what you have described. Just a total cut out then you would stop, start the car and drive away. Other times it would cut out, then you would hit a bump in the road and it would come back again. I finally found it after replacing dizy cap,leads, plugs, rotor button, condensor and points as well as investigating fuel pump.
  3. Oigle

    Oigle New Member

    I had similar problem with my 2lt 2-carb Kombi. It would start running a bit rough and then stop altogether. If I waited a few minutes and restarted it ran fine for a while, then the same all over again. I was living on the Gold Coast and it turned out that the humidity over time had caused a fair deal of water condensation in the tank. Under certain conditions of temperature the water in the fuel caused carburetor icing which eventually blocked the fuel to the cylinders. Waiting a few minutes caused the ice to melt, so it would run fine again until the ice built up once again.
  4. dbs

    dbs Member

    check your earth strap is in good condition and has a good connection,.... I had a similar problem and it wasn't until it broke that I was able to find the problem

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