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rear shelving ideas

Discussion in 'Camping Australia' started by Barry, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    Abbotsford NSW
    I'm just packing for a few days away and cant help thinking there is a better way of packing the back of a T3

    I dont really want to drill holes in the side of the rear - but I am not against it if there was a good idea.

    It is the fact that a T3 base is low and you really could have 2 levels.
    I have a black wolf tent. It is not that heavy - but reasonably bulky

    If I had shelf, just below the window/seat belt line, I could still slip heavy items (esky, beer, food boxes, beer, fire wood, beer) down the bottom and have the tent and clothes up top

    So - where can I get a rear parcel shelf? The head rests are actually high, and as said, mainly for light items. Still.............

    And rather than drilling and screwing a lip, may be a board with fold down legs? and a support in the middle?

    So, has anyone have some ideas for me?
  2. Weekender

    Weekender Well-Known Member

    Hi Barry

    Many drawer systems are built for 4WD wagons and utes. have a look at drifta for some general ideas.


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