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Red 9 - Ez Rider coil over suspension conversion - anyone got one ?

Discussion in 'Steering, brakes & Suspension' started by BrisDubba, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. BrisDubba

    BrisDubba Member

    Heh folks - am getting to the final stages of getting my kombi back on the road and have came across an issue from a modification from a previous owner. It has a coil over suspension system installed, the sort as per the pictures where you take out the torsion leaves and replace with the solid bar with fitment of the coil overs. The issue is that they have about 5mm lateral movement as if the centre locating bolt isn't securing the bar from sideways movement - which I am about to embark on taking the system out and hopefully rectifying as the lower torsion housing has some dodgy welding on a the centre bolt and the top torsion tube has no bolt at all.

    Has anyone got one of these - I spoke with Das Autos and whilst they sell red 9 they haven't gone down the path of the coil overs - would be keen to see photos of another set up.



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