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Resto Corner

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Roy, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. Roy

    Roy Administrator Staff Member

    Mudgeeraba, Qld

    The 'Resto Corner' and 'For Sale' sections are totally free and for the use of any member whether its for business or private purposes. It is hard to ensure that previlage is not abused, some changes were trialed, which proved unpopular and hence were reversed.
    There are many 'Buyer Beware' posts and some very vocal members have warned members constantly of obtaining written agreements and quotes.
    I am afraid it is a part of life, that we all have to be very careful what decisions we make, but we are all responsible for our own actions. Please read warnings and 'buyer beware' notices, if you are unsure ASK the question !!!

    People who know me, also know that any decision I will make, WILL be in he best interest of the Kombi Club and its members.

    The moderators have received a few complaints regarding a business, who are showing their work in the resto area.
    While the issues remain unresolved, all threads relating to this business have been moved from this section.
    The matter has nothing whatsoever to do with The Kombi Club, Moderators or myself. It is a matter that can only be sorted out between the parties involved and not on the forums

    If either party wishes to make a comment, directly relating to this matter, please PM or Email any moderator or Admin and we will post your reply

    ALL members and thier opinions are held in the highest regard, for this reason, if you have something to say on the subject please PM one of the mods or myself in confidence

    It is for this reason we will be implementing a small change to the Resto section
    Threads showing resto's must only be posted by private individuals. If your resto is being carried out by a business, all photos and descriptions must be posted by the owner of that vehicle. Posters of any threads already started will be notified shortly

    The Reverend
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