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Road trip with 3 kids, how to fit in a kombi!

Discussion in 'Camping Australia' started by surferjude, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. surferjude

    surferjude New Member

    batemans bay
    I bet as soon as you read this you thought crazy ha!
    And yes, we have been known to be called that a few times now ha.
    But we are finally doing it before the twins hit high school next year. We have boy girl twin 12 year olds and a 3 year old. We are cruising from mid Nov from Broulee nsw to Gladstone for approx 4-6 wks. We have Poppy a 74 bay pop top and a coleman pop up tent and a swag. Plus all our gear, 3 of us are surfers.... we are trying to work out how to tow or attach our gear to the van, we are sick of having no floor space because we are so packed up. Thinking of getting the basket over the cabin, but what about something small to tow? Anyone ever towed their luggage?
    Any ideas, tips and advice very much appreciated.
    thanks guys :)
  2. Surf77

    Surf77 Member

    My camper resto isn't quite finished yet but I have a wheelchair carrier that bolts onto the tow bar (and the same number of kids). I'm hoping that it will come in handy for some of our luggage or at least the camping gear. I also have a rack above the cabin. Sorry, it's all speculative at this point though. Cheers
  3. surferjude

    surferjude New Member

    batemans bay
    Cheers mate :) will look into one of those
  4. oldman

    oldman Super Moderator Staff Member

    Avalon Beach NSW
    I bought one of these ;
    Best thing I've bought - ( after the kombi ) ;)
    Light, easy to tow - same wheel base as the bus, same rim dimensions too & loaded with room.
    Gas struts mean opening is a breeze, even with a kayak & 'boards on the racks.
    Not cheap, but cheap-er at 4wd/camping shows if you pick up a demo. model, like I did.
    Cannot recommend them highly enough.
    Enjoy your run....good times ahead !!
  5. Kombi Dad

    Kombi Dad Well-Known Member

    Bungendore, NSW
    I certainly travel with a trailer. We decided on towing before the Kimberley trip back in 2006 and would not go again without it. My set up is basically a tradies trailer in which we put all the camping gear including fridge and second battery, portable toilet, extra tentage, fishing gear etc. My theory was that as the kombie, in my case an '82 T3, is a commercial vehicle it should tow a small trailer. It did and now I use the same trailer behind the '89 Syncro. Main reason for considering the trailer was to get rid of the clutter from the floor of the camper. It has been very worthwhile and not put a huge strain on the kombi. As long as the kombi is serviceable and serviced it is not an issue. So far I have towed the trailer many kms (about 300,000). I found that with the '82 I hjad to stick to about 95 kmh to get reasonable fuel consumption. Above that it was a bit thirsty. Note I have not modified either kombi to tow the trailer apart from the tow bar. I certainly did not go down the road of external oil coolers etc.


  6. DanSA

    DanSA Active Member

    Adelaide Hills
    Good timing.

    Just got back from the Flnders Ranges with my wife, and our 2 kids (12 & 13) 1,000km door to door.

    We use a roof rack for all the light stuff, and everything else fits in the Bus, no issues at all. This is 7 days of food, beer and water and all bedding plus a tent for the kids. I personally am not a fan of towing anything, especially on a low powered Kombi, plus the roads we were on were pretty rough with a few creek crossings.

    Kombi went great! Have a good trup mate


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