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Rocky - a slow slow start

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Rocky, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky Well-Known Member

    We certainly do have a talented friend here for birthday cakes.... I think this was more her vote for red as the final Rocky colour.... a particular green had also been a front runner!

    The tree trunks were chocolate rolos stuck together, but the bumpers and wheels were all yummy licorice....

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  2. back street bessie

    back street bessie Active Member

    Kangaroo Point 4169

    I vote that the best Kombi cake ive seen on the Kombi Club Forum to date...very creative and colourful and great detail.I love it :)
  3. Rocky

    Rocky Well-Known Member

    Pop top has now been removed, along with all the windows.... It revealed one side with a few minor rust spots.... no worries, then the other side a few more troublesome rust holes..... Oh well, onward bound, just feels great to finally be attacking this project.

    The good side [​IMG]
    andthe not so good side
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  4. ruby6689

    ruby6689 Well-Known Member

    Burnett Heads
    Great job getting all those windows out without breaking them, we broke Monty's when we removed it, would you believe it was covered by insurance:)

    I reckon that cake seal the deal Chris, you have no hope of green!

    Looking forward to seeing his transformation.
  5. Kate

    Kate Member

    Yes well those holes were certainly a surprise for me...
  6. gsa2at

    gsa2at New Member

    it sux what a pop top can hide - may they be fixed rapidly !!!
  7. greenbay

    greenbay New Member

    Lets see some nice shiney fresh steel in there Chris.
  8. Rocky

    Rocky Well-Known Member

    Shiny steel, here we come.... not too far off the date with a soda blaster, then off to the panel beater.

    I spent most of yesterday tinkering, miscalculated how long it would take to sort wiring under dash, so didnt get as far as I would have liked.
    My problem is that I wanted to pull everything out in a way that I would be able to reasonably easily put it back in again.... easy if standard, but 30+ years of "modifications" make life a little more interesting, so lots of photos and diagrams should do the trick.

    I did get to drive the "tropical bus" into the backyard where the work is to continue though... heres a couple of pics. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2009
  9. lawso21

    lawso21 Member

    Newcastle /Merewether
    Looks similar to mine in the roof department the difference being i don't have a good side both side are tragic, i am about halfway into removing the whole roof to repair and after seeing your pics is has got me motivated to get into it again as i have been distracted doing other repairs
  10. Resol

    Resol Active Member

    Gold Coast
    Sounds like you guys are havin fun and Rocky is in good hands..
    keep us posted and save us a piece of that awesome cake..
    Im going to request a cake like that for my B'day next year:lol:
  11. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    I agree with Steve - best Kombi cake by far. :)

    Poor Rocky looks a little on the naked side, poor thing. Still cool though with all of those hand prints. He's going to be a beauty though. I just know it. Feel it in my bones.

    Bugger about the rust under the poptop - it'll be apples in no time!
  12. Rocky

    Rocky Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the kind words guys.... I wonder if the cake could be replicated in whatever colour and style people wanted, if so, I reckon Meg could make a pretty penny from her kombi cakes and send them out to whoe:p ver wants one.....
  13. Rocky

    Rocky Well-Known Member

    oops, smiley in the wrong place....:umm:

    Heres a couple more pics, the fruits of todays efforts. Knocked off this morning and got home at 0500, sat around and had a beer or two, relaxed, played with the puppies, then straight into, engine out by 0730, gearbox by 0815, then tail lights and some wiring, then clean up, shower up and off to yoga! now some kombi club, some food and off to bed ready for another night shift! yippee.:( [​IMG][​IMG]

    Wow, just got my phone call about towage for the night..... there is at this stage nothing on! Wow, more time to dedicate to Rocky tomorrow. yippee yippee yippee
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2009
  14. Zombi

    Zombi Active Member

    Camooweal QLD
    Did you do the engine out solo or did you have some extra hands?
    All coming apart nicely, keep up the good work.
    Hopefully this rocky doesn't take quite as long as the less famous one to come back.
    Oh I see too that you have been to super cheap :)
  15. Rocky

    Rocky Well-Known Member

    Gday Jono,

    yeah, I did the engine out myself, Kate helped a little when it came to moving the jack on the grass, but came out nice and easy....

    Gear box would have come down easily, if I had undone the earth strap, as it was, we played tug of war with it for a minute or so before realising the mistake. I guess that is what happens when you rush.

    What is it that gave away a visit to Super Cheap? I have been there, but normally try not to buy much there as I find it is not really Super cheap for a lot of things...
  16. Kate

    Kate Member

    Rocky is looking very naked. Poor boy....I think he only has brakes and of course wheels remaining for the relocation tomorrow to the makeover man........:) Well done Chris....a man with very very black hands right now!
  17. The Dub Driver (Byronbug)

    The Dub Driver (Byronbug) Well-Known Member

    Resto always seems a long process...but so worth it in the end...:) ...Rocky will look just beautiful when he's finished
  18. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    We just took 3 of Lola's windows out to replace either the windows and/or seals, and she looks naked - not quite as bare as Rocky, but naked nonetheless!! :)
  19. Rocky

    Rocky Well-Known Member

    Yipee, another long day working on Rocky done...

    removed wiring looms, ready for modification...

    removed gear change linkages.... why not

    Removed countless fiddly bits and pieces....

    removed fuel tank... necessary as my tank vents are blocked so need work doing....

    Put pop top back on, ready to strap down for the tow to the resto man...

    Time for another night shift now!
  20. Kate

    Kate Member

    please be advised........ROCKY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING ye-ha!

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