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Rod Penrose Racing update

Discussion in 'Performance' started by RodPenrose, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. RodPenrose

    RodPenrose New Member

    Wollongong NSW
    Hi guys, I thought that a quick update on the new products relating specifically to Kombi's was in order.

    Due to an increase in demand, I have added the following products to my inventory:

    1. All transmission bearings and ring and pinions in different ratios

    2. New EMPI Cosmo and Gasser Wheels in 5 x 112 stud pattern.

    3. New SSP Polished Fuchs wheels in 5 x 112 stud pattern.

    4. Transmission mounts (upper and lower)

    5. CV Joints and boots

    6. Drop Spindles

    7. Brake hubs, calipers and rotors to suit the Drop Spindle

    8. Syncro rings

    9. Spark Plug leads (German)

    10. Master Cylinders

    11. Complete clutch kit

    12. Type 4 - RPR 40mm IDF carb kit

    13. Type 4 - Push rod tubes and seals

    14. Type 4 - Gasket kits (Elring)

    15. Type 4 - Valve covers (aluminium bolt on)

    Also, from midnight tonite, I will be offering Free Shipping for all orders over $250.

    Check out the website www.rodpenroseracing.com.au for additional information. Also, don't forget to join my Newsletter to keep up to date with whats been happening at RPR.

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