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Rust question

Discussion in ''How To' & 'Handy Hints'' started by Derek Engel, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Derek Engel

    Derek Engel New Member

    Sydney NSW
    My old man use to have a splitty and loves getting in my Kombi for a drive. Hes 89 so I put in a handle on the door frame so he call pull himself up and in. Used the two screws that came with the handle and two gal self tapers I had. I pre-drilled the holes. Should I remove the handle and paint the holes to prevent rust, or pour oil in them, or, as its internal, is rust unlikely to be an issue?
  2. 68BUS

    68BUS Well-Known Member

    Reality is that if the screws are tight to the hole they just tapped, then they will remove any coating you put in there anyway. Plus if they are tight there should be limited ability for moisture to get in.
    You might be able to spray some penatrol in or low strength loctite thread locker before screwing the self tappers back in to create a seal.
    But being internal the worry should be fairly limited over other areas that catch water such as window sills.
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