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Show n Shine - Rust n Prime

Discussion in 'Klub Fest 2009' started by Roy, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Roy

    Roy Administrator Staff Member

    Mudgeeraba, Qld
    Sunday is main show day.
    To keep the kids entertained we have
    Pony Rides
    Bouncy Castle
    Face painting

    The Show categories are as follows, they will be judged by the public
    A - FavouriteModified Beetle Gold Coast Vee Dub
    B - FavouriteNon-Modified Beetle Vintage Vee Dub
    C - FavouriteBeach Buggy Offroad Volks-Mod
    D - FavouriteBeach Buggy Onroad Volks-Mod
    E - FavouriteType 3 Klub VW
    F - FavouriteKarmann Ghia Resto Shed
    G - FavouriteModified Splitscreen Das Resto Haus
    H - FavouriteNon-Modified Splitscreen Conti Engines
    I - FavouriteBaywindow 68-72 (lowlight) Kombi Shop
    J - FavouriteBaywindow 73-79 Whizbang Wear
    K - FavouriteModified Baywindow (all) Volks-Conversions
    L - FavouriteCamper Terratan
    M - FavouriteT3 Wedge Klub VW
    N - FavouriteCommercial Vehicle Daltrim
    O - FavouriteRatter (all) Kombi Club
    P - FavouriteTrike Leons Motors
    Q - Favourite Interior (all models) The Dub Driver
    R - FavouriteRarity (not covered above) www.kombiclub.com

    everyone enters through Gate 7, vehicles included and will be directed to thier areas. At the gate you will be asked which category best describes your vehicle, a sticker will be issued for example R50.
    When voting please fill in the number on the voting slip provided

    The Main Trophy will be awarded by this years Sponsor 'Resto Hub' - Southport

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