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Show us your campsite

Discussion in 'Camping Australia' started by Aspro, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. berg

    berg Active Member

    Camped at Noosa River for NYE 2018. Brilliant weather and a beautiful part of the world, but busy af.
    A bit of a review on my camp setup. Saw a pic of this setup in the UK using the Coleman Event Shelter deluxe 15'. In Oz they only sell the Event Shelter deluxe 14' usually with one sidewall included. I purchased another 3 sidewalls and 2 mesh walls to give me some flexibility. So the kombi fits inside (just) and can be completely enclosed with the four walls when you want to hide everything from view. Like any tent easy for someone to access if they want. With the kombi up against the side of the shelter, it fits with a couple of inches to spare, it is so tight you then cannot open the rear hatch fully to allow full ventilation. We had the front safaris open fully and the rear hatch propped open about 10 inches, adequate, but it was mild for a QLD December. We used the mesh walls more to define our space and give a feeling of privacy, of course the bugs can get in, around or under but i really liked the mesh.
    This model is an easy 20-30 minute setup and pulldown, everything snaps together, sturdy and shower proof however we only experienced mild conditions.
    This is no lightweight, It is a big heavy bag with wheels, even so you dont want to be needing to drag this any distance.
    I would love the extra size of the UK version which also has doors and floors, but also some drawbacks. from the reviews it looks more cumbersome and time consuming to put together and a few more ropes.
    Overall very happy with Shelter and how it fits the kombi, when it dies i will probably get the UK model but happy enough for now. cheers berg.

    OZ version deluxe 14 here; https://www.snowys.com.au/event-14-deluxe-sun-shelter-sunwall
    UK version Deluxe 15 here; https://www.coleman.eu/uk/p-26049-event-shelter-deluxe.aspx
    IMG_1952.jpg IMG_1951.jpg
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  2. betsy

    betsy Well-Known Member

    Camping at the Healsville music festival
    .1st time using this 1/2 Gazebo thing..
    Bought it at bcf ..pretty light and easy to set up .

    FB_IMG_1546518835148.jpg FB_IMG_1546518827770.jpg FB_IMG_1546518818196.jpg
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  3. betsy

    betsy Well-Known Member

    2nd time using bcf awning 1/2 gazebo Goulburn River near Eildon Vic.
    A couple of spare tent poles dramatically increase the shade. FB_IMG_1547115494953.jpg FB_IMG_1547115500837.jpg FB_IMG_1547115538498.jpg
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  4. tintop

    tintop Active Member

    Burrinjuck Dam

    Photo0459.jpg Photo0458.jpg

    ...at least you sort of go with the current on the way back from the island

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  5. Tangles

    Tangles Well-Known Member

    On the road somewhere
    Somewhere near the coast ....
  6. cbus

    cbus Well-Known Member

    sunshine coast
    Getting a bit warm inland Bwian?

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