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side tents conversation with outwell

Discussion in 'Victoria' started by KombiFringe, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. KombiFringe

    KombiFringe Member

    Hi campers,
    I have been researching to buy a side tent or driveway awning.
    I asked Outwell about the new air system and this is the conversation via Facebook.
    I have no good or bad comments about Outwell I was doing research to find answers to my questions about their new no poles tents. I have asked Vango also because they make Kela air system tents they can be bought in australia for $900.
    I have read only positive comments on the forum, who use outwell, but do you use a tarp?

    My questions-
    Hi Outwell, I would like to be able to buy the San Diego here in Australia. Or a drive away awning that can be put up by 1 person and an older child. Outwell country road gets great reviews on the Forum discussion pages here but I am interested in the air system the might make it easier to erect the camper tent for short overnight stops. Do you think the fabric will hold up under Australian conditions of harsh sun wind and rain? Yes there is a retailer at JK australia.

    Their response:-

    Hi there. Apologies for the delay in replying. Outwell tents are designed for northern European leisure use and, if correctly pitched, will take Gale Force winds and high rainfall. However, UV is the tent killer and will wreak havoc with any tent - especially if camping without shade. In such conditions I would pitch under a tarp and let that take the full force of the sun. Our cotton or polycotton tents will supply even more resistance to this. We do have campers using Outwell in Australia - perhaps if you post a request for in-the-field advice here some may reply Hope of help. CG
  2. betsy

    betsy Well-Known Member

    Hmmm.... $900 for a tent that needs a tarp over the top?

    My cheap and cheerful tent/ gazzebo i got a couple of years ago from Aussie Disposals
    I think $169 or somthing ....less than $200...has served me well ...just last week i was camping near Robe
    There had been a severel storm warning...all fine in the gazzebo a little water did find its way...but considering the weather...it held up well....no tarp over the top

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