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    :lol: I'd be carrying that spare set of points and the condensor you pulled out of the distributor in the glove box. The electronic units don’t handle the heat very well. After 2 separate kombis in the past both had electronic ignition conversion failures 3 yrs apart I'll be sticking with the points in this one. Grease the cam every service that you check the timing and they last for ages. If the timing is retarded reset the points and check it again. As the points gap closes the timing retards. The best thing you can do for the ignition is fit a relay so full battery voltage goes to the coil, plenty of spark then. If you aren't getting at least 10,000kms out of a set of points you are doing something wrong. I had a dyno tune business for 12 yrs and guaranteed my tunes for 6 mths or 10,000kms, the points would generally fail by 15,000km due to lack of grease. wheel brg grease works best, it doesn't melt and run off the cam.

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    Thanks Terry. Always carry spare points.
    Some time ago had a major problem chewing out points until a mechanic advised I had a wrong coil fitted. Changed the coil and the points lasted a long time.
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    It's better to change all parts at home rather than on the side of the road!
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    If you change to electronic it pays to have a spare module and/or spare old dizzy with a set of points. You can dodgy points to get you going a lot of the time but a module is hard to test and once it is stuffed you throw it away.


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