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Starter Motor Query

Discussion in 'Engine & Transmission' started by phantom, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. phantom

    phantom Member

    Rural NSW
    Hi all, I'm after info on the standard starter motor if anyone can assist. My '75 is all standard with the usual type 4 engine and auto transmission. Recently whilst driving for a wedding I had the starter motor stop working, and long story short after jacking the car up and tapping the starter with the wheel brace the car would start again. A guy there at the time said it'll be 'fine now for another 6 months' as the tapping would free it up for a while.

    I remember having to do this years ago for a Falcon but haven't had this issue yet with a dub. I intend to get it replaced and maybe get this one recon'd at some stage.

    As this seems to be a 'normal' occurrence over time, can anyone tell me what actually locks up in the starter, and how the tapping fixes it? Is it then a known fact that freeing it up will make it OK for a while? Are they expensive to get recon'd?

    Is a starter motor for a Type 4 the same as a Type 1 starter?

  2. 1500king

    1500king Well-Known Member

    Adelaide, SA
    Yours is an Auto starter. It is different to all the others. It is the same as a Type 3 Automatic starter and the same as a Porsche 911 starter.

    They are not too bad to rebuild...just replace the pinion bushes and solenoid cap along with the brushes.

    The solenoid needed the tap because the cap on it is worn out. The starter pinion is probably also sticking.

    A new solenoid cap kit is Bosch GB900.

    You might also have a poor current supplying the solenoid from a faulty ignition switch and lock barrel.
  3. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands
    If the brushes are short and you continue with the tapping it's going to cost you.

    The solenoid will not pull in if the brushes are too short. You tap it, the brushes make contact with the commutator and the solenoid clicks in. A lot of people think that the solenoid is the problem but it is not always.
  4. Alpal

    Alpal Moderator Staff Member

    Melbourne Bend of Islands
    Had the problem for years but only on long runs. Pain in butt but you get to know where to hit!
  5. Necro

    Necro Active Member

    Puttingin a new one aint that hard...even clowns can do it....

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