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Syncro rolling body complete

Discussion in 'T3 & T4 Tech Help Clinic' started by roverbay, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. roverbay

    roverbay Active Member

    I have a chance to buy a syncro complete less motor gearbox & front diff. If the price is right it will sit in the shed until I finish my current project then I look at doing a subi swap complete with the diff & gearbox. Can anyone give me a starting price to negotiate from with the owner Ta
  2. beerboy

    beerboy Well-Known Member

    very hard to give any sort of price guide I would say without pictures or description. ex telstra? how long is a piece of string. you dont see them for sale very often. so getting it would be the objective. how much do you want to spend?
  3. hdj80

    hdj80 Member

    FYI I paid $5800 for a 1990 Syncro Poptop in average condition with Broken engine - I got lucky and bought a engine delivered home for under $2k - Do your sums and see how much parts are and work backwards from a resale value of a Syncro in going condition that way you will end up with a price everyone should be happy with..
  4. t3 Ed

    t3 Ed Member

    Without a syncro drive train you've got a 2wd shell with possibly a syncro fuel tank , the front diff/suspension cradle and the Syncro double skinned chassis rails. I've seen complete syncros go for less than 10 grand, so I wouldn't go much over one to two grand, depending on the condition. Ed
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  5. nils

    nils Well-Known Member

    Yeah you're not going to find many buyers for a syncro without a gearbox or front diff. Though it would make a nice lifted 2wd with some parts.

    Pretty sure I know the one you are talking about too, been for sale for a very long time. Probably start at 2-3000 and work from there. If the body is good and you get it for less than 3500 you should be happy with yourself
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  6. Kombi Dad

    Kombi Dad Well-Known Member

    Bungendore, NSW
    I was also lucky and paid $6,300.00 for an '89 Syncro Caravelle three years ago. It was running fairly well and with a once over at Volksparts I was able to use it for about 50,000km on camping trips. I had some minor issues (ignition switch burnt out and Hall sensor failure)but drove very well. It now needs an engine overhaul as it has low oil pressure but can still be driven if you are careful. The overhaul is planned for the new year.

    My other T3 ('82 pop top) is now with my son. I raised it to the height of a Syncro and fitted a locking diff. I completed about 300,000km of travel in it from '98 to when I bought the Syncro. It was great but I will admit the Syncro is a lot better especially with the low range, power steering etc.

  7. AC-T3

    AC-T3 Well-Known Member

    Woy Woy
    Have to agree. Fuel tank is in the right spot, move a little more weight to the rear (spare wheel, jerries, etc), add a quaif, peloquin or similar to a 5 speeder with that Nanna first gear and it would be good light weight go almost anywhere bus.
  8. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands
    VW locking diff is the best. A speedo could be a problem.

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