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    Apologies for the delay in posting this. Life is busy. ;) Here's our Bus Stop 2017 tale...

    Bus Stop has lived up to the expectations again which really doesn't entail much for myself and my little family. Kombis, beer and most importantly the brilliant people who attend, although sadly this year we were missing a few adorable icons.:(

    We managed to finally get to Swansea after poor old Paul had to do night shift Thursday night and only managed a few hours sleep before we departed... he amazes me constantly. Anyhoo, we made it Good Friday at around 10pm. Quick set up and a few Kombi hugs, got the babies in the tent at around 11pm but would they sleep? Haha, you're kidding. Joseph thought he would try all the tricks to stay awake, from singing to telling stories and even pretend farting to try and make me giggle. The hype of it all kept him awake well past midnight and I knew Saturday could be a challenge. :confused:

    Waking early it was a very pleasant sight to see. The park was great and we had a terrific group of KC people in our street. Got ourselves together, set up properly and off in Vera for the Komvoy... one of the most enjoyable parts of any Kombi get together. The people that came out and lined the streets as any Kombi owner who has been in any previous Komvoy knows, gives you such a buzz. Ended up at the Warners Bay hotel for a beer and chat before heading back to camp to eat the prawns we hadn't had time to eat on Good Friday so remained good Christians... :D Washed the prawns down with a cold beer or three and prepared for the dress up Gala night. As usual, delayed and thought we would be lucky to find seats together, an angel in one of the prettiest kombis known saved us. Thank you Melissa for escorting us in highest of style! I hope there weren't too many white seagull feathers left in Little Red. Got to the club and found a seat for us all, right next to two of the cheekiest KC members but so glad we did. Andrew and Chris, you contributed to my annual tummy toning (which is always counteracted by the beer consumption). It's always good to find others who get that weird, witty humour. Lots of fun!

    Gracie became our photographer for the night along with her Bus Stop buddy Tess. Although she cut a few heads off in the photos, most were quite good and the two girls if I do say so myself, looked very cute together. Meanwhile, Joseph was busy finishing Gracie's dessert and wooing the ladies on our table. The costumes once again were outstanding and a reminder of how creative some members are. Virginia in her lobster costume looked fabulous and very handy being able to reuse all the cups and plates the following day.

    Kids started to tire so on the booze bus with some uke players who made it a fun ride back. Feathers and fins off, kids asleep and ready to party with the revellers. What a funny night it was. Alice, if we'd been at school together, we would have been separated. Your laugh is completely infectious and that poor security guard...:D
    Luckily the campers sharing Jerome and Suzanne's plot were understanding people and cute little Jack is a good sleeper and apologies again John and Anna for the noise.
    Not sure what time we hit the hay but it was late enough to realise on Sunday morning when the kids wake up for the Easter bunny that we should have been in bed much earlier. Thank you Linda for the bunny effort you put in and Hayley for the extra little goodies too. Limiting the chocolate during the day seemed to work and my little ones happy to have an arvo snooze. I missed the races but sent Paul over to take out the RC gold again but Al scammed it and took first place, haha.:D

    A very relaxed evening watching the sunset spectacle over the water with again, great company and more laughs. Thanks Daniel, that story was one of the funniest heard in a long time.

    Then over to camp kitchen to celebrate Andy's 60th who made a terrific speech and Melissa had organised one of the best decorated cakes I've ever seen. The pizzas were yummy too! We were also privileged to finally meet Lorraine's gorgeous grandchildren Alex and Lani who my two took a big shine to. Lorraine had made a simply adorable dress for Gracie and the cutest pants you'll ever see for Joseph which matched the same she had made for Alex and Lani. Anyone who knows Lorraine knows how talented she is and we can't thank her enough for gifts we will treasure! (I was finally allowed to wash Gracie's dress after she wore it 4 days in a row!) Back to put the kids in bed and more partying. Although my stamina wasn't quite as good and we left the child-less party goers to it.

    Monday was another beautiful day with a relaxed feel from people fortunate enough to stay another day. That evening, back to camp kitchen to catch up with some of our favourite people who had made us feel so welcome in previous years. Kids ready for bed, we should have snuggled in with them and had an early night but you have to make the most of this annual event, right? The company was too good and another late night but very worth it.

    Tuesday morning and some sad faces. The departure and goodbyes are a little tough. Thanks to all who came around to say farewell, we know it can take some time to get around to everyone. ;)

    Our cruise home seemed to easy. Joseph having a peaceful sleep, Gracie not sobbing due to leaving the people she adores and Vera humming along... that inkling was correct... 'twas the calm before the storm.

    Battery light is on? Better turn all accessories off. Hit Sydney traffic which was heavier than predicted and a little girl in the back busting to use a loo... yes, this is more like it! Nowhere to pull over and tears due to the urgency, I dived over the back to find an improvised loo. Deb, if you hadn't given the kids those Easter buckets we would have had a much damper back seat! Got through Sydney, always a big relief and decided to pull up for lunch. Heard there had been a tragic accident on the Hume near Goulburn holding traffic up for hours all day. Fortunately it had started to flow again by the time we reached it because the battery wouldn't have lasted particularly as it was getting dark. A huge thanks to Margie and Sam who gave us the essential advice we needed to keep going and even stopped during their travels to relay info to Paul. We got to Yass servo and luckily had pulled into one of the first bowsers with a bit of a front lean because when Paul tried to start Vera...uh uh. Pushed her into a convenient park right in front and up goes the hatch. Funny that Sam, Pete and Paul had only spoken about the generator the previous day and I had heard Foo Fighters song 'Generator' that morning. NRMA called, a new battery purchased and a nights stay in Yass.

    *I do need to plug the motel we were put up in for the night. The owner went out of her way to accomodate us even offering her car if we needed to run into town. Swaggers at Yass was clean, modern, quiet with free wifi and even allowed us a fresh continental brekky the following morning! Be sure to look them up if you need a stop in Yass sometime!*

    An inconvenience turned into a pleasant stay and Wednesday morning back on the road. Only an hour and a half from home felt like about ten minutes after the long stretch the previous day but made it home safe and sound to two very excited Labradors.

    Another brilliant Easter weekend now forever in the memory bank.

    Just a couple more important thanks...

    Deb and Phil, organising such an event takes a massive effort, thank you both, we had a ball.

    Al for the races and John for the stickers.

    Hayley and Dean for your concern of Gracie and Tess for being such a lovely friend to her.

    Our wonderful camp neighbours! How lucky we were to have you all so close. Margie, my twin...:p
    You're all very special to us and you know why. Karen and Pete, Suzanne and Jerome, your gifts are far too generous yet we are truly grateful! Sophie, your choccies... yum!!

    Finally, thank you to anyone who made an effort with our two precious little ones. Paul and I are amazed that people are so kind and loving towards our kids (particularly when they're such monsters, haha). It is noticed and appreciated by us both and almost feel guilt by your kindness. We love you crazy mob!

    Enough mushy stuff, time for another beer.

    Here's cheers Kombi Groovers!

    Chrissy, Paul, Gracie and Joseph.
    IMG_6243.JPG IMG_6245.JPG IMG_6246.JPG IMG_6247.JPG

    More photos to follow (when time allows).
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    Hi Paul & Chrissy,
    So nice to meet you guys.
    That is such a beautiful post:) & what it's "all about". To see Tess & Gracie running around the dinner night taking photos. Priceless.:D

    Also Cheers the Debstar & Phil..... thanks.

    Tough run home tho'.:mad:

    Bring on Stanthorpe.:cool:
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    Bonnells Bay, NSW
    This is what it's all about! Knowing you all had a great time made the hair loss worth it :eek: Seriously we loved every minute of it a great weekend, can't believe the weather played ball too :D will post my round up soon
    Glad the buckets came in handy lol & you made it home safe & sound!
    See you in Stanthorpe :) cheers :D
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    Newcastle NSW
    It was great to see you all there Chrissy - I did not get time to chat for long with anyone - good to see you had another memorable weekend :)
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    Felt exactly the same Melissa. So many wonderful people to talk to with limited time.

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