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Thanks from Mudgeeraba Rural Fire Brigade

Discussion in 'Run to the Sun 2009' started by douggieboy, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. douggieboy

    douggieboy Active Member

    Robina, Gold Coast
    I received the following email from MRFB:

    Hi Doug,

    It was a great day and in the short time we were there we raised just over $700.00 which is fantastic.

    Next time we will not have first aid on the same day to ensure that we get there much earlier like around 8am...I’m sure we would have sold a lot more drinks like you say as well as sausages.

    We cannot thank you and the Kombi Club enough for allowing us to do the BBQ and hope our first aid and lateness does not impinge on us requesting to do it again next year....

    Again thank you and look forward to next year.

    Ps. I think we will bring our Kombi !!!

    Kind regards,

    Steve Ritchardson
    1st Officer
    Mudgeeraba Rural Fire Brigade

    Hi Steve
    Thanks for bringing your boys down on Sunday. I don't know if you noticed but the other food van (pancakes, crepes, donuts, soft serve and coffee) we had arranged wasn't there for lunches. His trailer rolled early in the week and we weren't able to replace it in time. A few stop gap measures with individual stalls (coffee and crepes), Mr Whippy and Craig's son Nathan were put in place. You probably didn't see any of it, being totally engaged from the minute you arrived.

    It is unfortunate that you missed out on the early cold drink trade as people were desperately thirsty in the very hot morning before 11am.

    I hope it was was worthwhile for you. It looks like we had over 400 VWs there and something like 475 vehicles in total, so we are happy that the event took off

    Doug Ringham
  2. KahunaKombi

    KahunaKombi Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bracken Ridge, Qld
    Good one Doug.

    Great to see them turn up and they sure were generous with what they served up - smelt damn good also and they must have wondered what hit them :)

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