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thanks roy for massive quick service

Discussion in 'The Bus Stop' started by winerot, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. winerot

    winerot Active Member

    snapped a spring plate on saturday doing a wedding, tight roundabout
    full bus & spring plate had no give.
    rang roy monday, creative set in my hands yesterday less than 24 hours
    & now mango has a new set on actually better quality than what i had on.
    wedding both cars this saturday in byron so a must to have sorted & it is,
    very lucky when it snapped only 200 mtrs from photoshoot spot & kicked the
    groom party out & took the bride party back to resort slowly but only a couple of k's.
    you can see the rear wheel arch very low in the wedding shot.

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  2. paul77

    paul77 Well-Known Member

    I have only positive things to say about my dealings with the Bus Stop. Last 2 purchases, ordered online on Thursday morning and received in Brisbane on Friday morning, what a quick turn around! Now I look forward to fitting front door trim and window scrapers on the weekend.

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