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Thanks to Kombi Club Folk

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by 2slow, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. 2slow

    2slow Member

    Brisbane - South
    Hi Everyone,

    I posted the below info regarding a childrens charity I support in the Run to the Sun section. On behalf of the kids I would like to thank the great Kombi folk who have supported this great charity, it really does mean a lot to me and my family (and even more to the kids). I commited to rasing 10k and with your support I have now hit 14k...100% of this goes to the kids. (since my original post Hands has now taken in 7 more kids, 5 from the same family. They lost their father in the Tsunami and their mother struggled to cope finally abandoning the kids 18 months ago, the oldest child took over looking after her siblings, she is just 10 years old. They are all now safe in one of the Hands orphanages.)



    Hi Everyone,

    In January (thats only 4 months away!!!) I am off on a 800km charity bicycle ride in Thailand to raise funds for an amazing childrens charity called Hands Across the Water. There is 32 riders going and we have all committed to raising $10 000.00 each. The charity was set up by an Austalian gentleman called Peter Baines who had been working in Thailand after the Tsunami identifying bodies and felt he had to do something for the children who were now orphans and with no welfare system to look after them Peter felt he had to do something as a matter of ugency.

    Just a few of the things Hands has achieved to date are building 2 orphanages, purchase transport to get the kids to school, set up Rubber plantations & Fish Farms to help the community become self sustainable. I won't make this a huge post about the charity (check out www.handsacrossthewater.com.au) other than to say it has no political or religous ties, the local Thai people control how their kids should be brought up and not one cent goes to administration (any admin charges are personally absorbed by Peter and other board members, and for the ride all the riders are personally paying for all flights, meals accom etc to ensure 100% of money raised goes to Hands).

    At the Run I will be selling raffle tickets as well as some beautiful coffee table books with a heap of the kids in so hope you can all buy a ticket or a book.


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