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The Rules - Please read

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admin, Jul 3, 2005.

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  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    These Rules Will Be Upheld By Moderators And Admin

    To ensure that the good vibes of the Kombi Club site continues, the following rules have been implemented. In most cases we leave the poster to decide what he/she thinks is right before posting.
    This is a free and open site but is also a family orientated site.

    1. LANGUAGE. In any location on this forum swearing will be moved/deleted or edited.
    2. PERSONAL ATTACKS. Any form of defamation will be moved/deleted. Continuance will result in the user being banned. If personal attacks occur on other sites by a kombi club member that brings the Kombi Club into disrepute, that person will be banned without notice
    3. OFF-THE-TOPIC CHAT. Any chat that detracts from the origin and intent of the thread will be discouraged by the moderator turning the thread back on track. If the moderator deems it necessary the off-topic posts of chat will be moved/deleted.
    4. IMAGES OF NON-VWS AND OTHER MAKES. As long as the said vehicles are in context with the thread they will be accepted. Outside of this the image will be deleted.
    5. Dont createmore thanone username for any reason. If you have multiple accounts:
    You may request to have older accounts consolidated
    We will eliminate your duplicate account
    Violating this rule may lead to deletion of ALL your accounts and Classified Ads
    If you do want to change your username please contact admin or the mods

    1. Moderators will be for enforcing the rules stated above in the forum for which they have responsibility.
    2. In cases of minor departure from the rules moderators will edit or move/delete posts.
    3. In more serious or repeated departures moderators will pm the user(s) involved and advise them of the problem. The user can then choose whether or not to refer the dispute to admin for resolution.
    4. If moderators disagree whether any action should take place they will refer the matter to admin who will view the disputed post and make a decision.

    If a warning is deemed appropriate to any member, an infraction notice will be given. This will occasionally if serious enough, limit the member's use of the site.
    Only one will be issued, if that member continues to misuse the site, further action will be taken.
    Any kind of action, is only used in extreme cases, to ensure this site continues to set the standard.

    A Moderator cannot ban users. In circumstances where a serious breach or breaches of these rules occur only the moderators and admin will have the ability to ban a user, when a majority decision has been reached. Discussions between the moderators involved and admin must reach a consensus before banning takes place.

    Any disputed action by moderators should be referred to admin.

    For members enjoyment of the site and easy reading, please keep signatures to a reasonable size.
    We do not allow pictures in Signatures, for the simple reason that these appear with every post and tends to make a forum area look jumbled and hard to read
    Business links are not allowed in signature's
    Moderators reserve the right to remove un-necessary signatures
    No business links in signature - unless that business is a sponsor of this site

    Non offensive pictures are allowed to be used as avatars, please see your own personal profile to insert avatars.

    Business names being used as usernames will be discouraged. Please email the administration or moderators if you are unsure.

    All items in the 'for sale' section, must:
    1. have a clear description
    2. Price
    3. Contact details and Location
    4. 'Bumping' a post, without reason, back to the top will not be permitted. Using terms such as 'Bump', 'Bumperoo' ect ect will result in the ad being deleted
    5. Business's should contact Admin before posting in this area

    Vehicles in the 'for sale' section must have the above and be accompanied with Pictures of the vehicle

    Multiple 'For Sale' items should be kept to one Thread only

    All business posts or adverts must be passed and ok'd by the moderators before posting.

    All decisions are made to be fair to all members to keep the forums enjoyable for all and will remain at the descretion of the moderators and administration
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