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ThunderEgg Park 71 Kombi

Discussion in 'Kombi Spotting' started by hoops, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. hoops

    hoops New Member

    Taigum QLD
    Spotted this 71 (I think) Lowlight at ThunderEgg Park Mt Tamborine. Jonna and I had a lengthy chat with the owner, Paul, who had done all the panel and paint himself as this is his trade.

    I informed him of KC and he was happy for pic to be up on site. He even told Jonna he'd consider offers on her.

    Nice Kombi both inside and out. Check out the long length of side panel vents (may need good eyes).

    Hope to see you onsite soon Paul.

    P.S Great place for a KC get together as well - Not a bad Park both in activities and position.
  2. joel268

    joel268 New Member

    Burnie, Tassie
    Thats a good paint job for a DIY
  3. very i nice!

    thats what colour i wont, you dont happin to know the name do you!

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