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Tradies Free Accommodation (Vic)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sheriff, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Sheriff

    Sheriff Active Member

    Warburton - Yarra Valley
    We have an accommodation business in Golden Beach Vic. Www.90milebeachhouse.com.au
    I am doing some work down there over winter whilst it is quiet and was thinking that a win:win might be to exchange free accommodation for some qualified effort.
    Now...it's not a slave station so I will be generous with the accommodation in exchange for a nice seaside break for you and your family.

    Here is what I need and what I am proposing.

    I need some construction work done (a non structural internal wall). The construction of a low internal wall. I also need a doorway cut in to another wall and the door installed.
    I need some general "handy person" "chippy" type jobs - basic stuff.

    I need some down lights fitted to replace some existing ones.
    I want some sensor lights installed outside.

    I need some external painting done. Facias mostly! I also need some touch up of sundry external areas.

    I need some farm style fencing done. Treated poles and wire with the installation of a couple of gates.

    I think that's it. So, here is my offer.
    NB: I will of course buy all materials required to complete the job (but may need your help to determine what that is).

    Given that life is no fun when it is all work and no play, my offer would be as follows:
    For every day (just a decent days work) I will give you 2 days accommodation for free. All bedding, linen, towels etc included. Just bring your food and bevvies!
    Bring your family and have them relax whilst you hit the tools and then you'll have a day off with them for every one you work. An example might be, come and work on Thursday and Friday and stay on all weekend - 4 days accommodation for free in exchange for your skills and time.
    A win:win

    Anyone interested??

    Last edited: Jun 22, 2011
  2. Aspro

    Aspro Well-Known Member

    Stuck in the UK
    Hey Rich

    I would be in if I wasn't in Europe. Check out this mob. We're currently using them to travel around. I'm pretty sure they're operating in Oz too.


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