Trakka Camper Fresh water tank replacement

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  1. Patroni

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to at least run new hoses and fittings for the kitchen in my 1985 Trakka campervan.
    I'm assuming if this is something I'm going to do, I may as well out a new tank in at the same time.

    Is this something people have undertaken? any tips or advice? things to consider?

    currently, my tap is a hand pump design and I plan to keep it this way.

    this is the tank I am thinking of buying,

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    Hi Patroni, I have a Trakka camper van setup in my T3. The tank I have is currently out but I plan to put it back in later. The tank holds around 40 litres I guess, is aluminium and is purpose made for the T3 to fit under the floor. I will only use it for showering after I refit it. I don't like the idea of drinking the contents of an aluminum tank. I have a 15 liter plastic water container under the sink conected to the 12v tap on the sink we use for drinking or what ever, its simple to remove, empty and fill. So, yes its straight forward to replace your hoses and fittings but it may require removing one of you cabinets to gain access to the filling point if your set up is like mine. John.
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    Hi Joseph,

    I also have a Trakka but it has 2x aluminium slung water tanks which I have since removed (see

    I am finally in the process of getting these re-made in stainless more or less the same as the originals. If anyone is interested in a set the fabrication workshop I am using is willing to make up a few sets for a reduced price? Let me know.



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