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Transmission Removal

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by Bay_Buddha, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Bay_Buddha

    Bay_Buddha Member

    Berowra Heights,North of Sydney
    I've progressed well stripping the "parts bus" I have on the nature strip. Had a crack at the transmission today.

    Ok I started getting frustrated so I packed up tools for the day!

    Engine is out and cv joints are off the tranny. I'm stumped trying to get the shift rod apart from the gearbox. Simple i'm sure but a friendly nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. brookie

    brookie Guest

    Have you undone bolt/stud that hold it on-if so gentle persuasion and perhaps some CRC or WD40 first.
  3. kombikid76

    kombikid76 New Member

    sunny sydney
    yea undo the grub then select either 4th or 3rd gear. If you got a helper mayb try pulling the tranny back while some1 selects 3rd gear. Soak it in a spray oil and try again if this fails.
  4. kombidaze

    kombidaze Member

    Uki NSW
    the grub screw can be a real PITA to undo if it refuses then the other option is to undo the nut and pin assemble on the other end of the coupling, (the end attached to the shift rod) patience and perserverance are needed, with lots of penetrating oil for good measure. the rest of the trany removal is easy two 17mm bolts at the front and two 15mm bolts hidden above bellhousing, make sure clutch cable assembly is removed, best to undo the bracket that holds the bowden tube to the trany, and don't forget the earth strap and the reverse gear wires front passenger side of trany, it is hard to balance the gearbox on a trolly jack as you lower it a second person is handy or some type of strapping etc. the way i do it is loosen the front 17mm bolts but dont remove them then undo the rear 15mm bolts and with the trolly jack in place remove rear bolts lower jack until rear of trany has cleared the mounting bracket and then pull trolly jack back until front of trany has cleared the large round frame member, torsion bar assembly then fully lower trany and your done.

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