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    In a bid to up the profile of Kombi Club we have set up a twitter account and added some more new fangled features to the forum.

    Please, if you are a twitterer -

    1. Follow us (
    Our account is @kombi_club
    2. Share our forum content with your followers
    You will see 'share' buttons on forum posts
    3. Use the #kombiclub hashtag
    4. Mention @kombi_club in your tweets
    5. Retweet our tweets

    If you do any of the above we will of course be eternally grateful :p

    In addition to the above, it is now possible to associate your Twitter account with your KombiClub account and use it to login. New users can also register via twitter login/auth.

    To associate your account, click on your username and then follow the 'External Accounts' link.

    Thank you!
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