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Update re: Insurance with Shannons

Discussion in 'Kombi Club' started by Sheriff, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Sheriff

    Sheriff Active Member

    Hi all, just thought I'd drop a note to update you on a lengthy discussion I had today with Shannons. I called to insure another bus (I'll update you all later on that one - surprise)...

    The guy said, "sorry, we dont do campers". I said..."with respect, YOU DO!!! and I need to sort this out once and for all on behalf of a bunch of people!".

    I explained what was happenning to KC members...yes to this person, no to this one...agreed value here...disputed value there...bla la bla. I pointed out to this guy that they had insured my other camper for 4 years!!!

    Anyhoo...long story short, he put me on hold for an eternity and finally came back to tell me..."sorry, you are right...we do!"

    Shannons are about to issue a national decree (that we can refer to when calling) that states that "collectors of classic kombi campers" ARE EXEMPT from their 'no campers rule'. It is now a national policy but is filtering down the line.

    If you have any issues with them...politely inform the person on the phone that there is a new shannons policy on this matter and if they are not aware of it, can they please consult their manager who should be, politely persisit up the chain and someone who gets the head office emails will eventually go..."oh yeah we do now".

    I got comprehensive, agreed value, camper insurance, no probs...sub $300! Great.

    Hope this helps other callers.

  2. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    Onya Rich for taking them to task about this issue - if only I owned a Camper. :p
  3. MattB

    MattB New Member

    Good news Rich! I'll have to give Shannons another call. After screwing around with them I eventually had to go to RACV.
  4. BargeArse

    BargeArse Active Member

    Ebbw Vale, QLD
    Excellent work there, Rich. See, persistence IS the key.

    Right! Now, I've just gotta get me a camper that I can insure with them... :p
  5. 2tone

    2tone Member

    New Farm, Brisvegas, QLD
    i heard if you look in the small print of the shannons policy they say

    " your insurance contract is nill and void if you carry Gas"

    I haven't read the small print yet to confirm it, its a bit of a bummer considering 99% of campers have gas in them!!

    anybody else heard these whispers?
  6. ruby6689

    ruby6689 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Burnett Heads
    I had to argue with them that they advertised in a magazine, VWMA, where our camper was in several pics (albeit in a line up with several others;) ) They changed their tuned straight away and took my money.:D

    We now have the 3 kombis insured through them but they were far more expensive for our Patrol so NRMA still has that one.
  7. Kombi of Hope

    Kombi of Hope New Member

    Newcastle, NSW
    Rich, what about if vehicle started out in life as a transporter and then was converted to a camper? Does that count?
  8. KahunaKombi

    KahunaKombi Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bracken Ridge, Qld
    Thanks for that Rich :)

    I had issues re value but they at the VW Action Day in Brisbane and I got them to look over Igor and then we agreed on a value and last year over the phone I was able to increase the value. Still cheaper with Classic Cars than NRMA, RAC or others.
  9. Zombi

    Zombi Active Member

    Camooweal QLD
    If anyone has been reading mags from the Uk like volksworld camper and bus you will have noticed all the things they get included their insurance portfolios. If only our companies followed suit. Maybe one day ????

    Thanks for the shannons update and the secret way to get through to them :)

  10. Bay_Buddha

    Bay_Buddha Member

    Berowra Heights,North of Sydney
    I was thinking the same Jono!

    Can we get Shannons to cover spare parts, breakdown, and loan car cover???

    Somthing about those poms hey??:rolleyes: :p

  11. Dingostrategy

    Dingostrategy Active Member

    SW Vic ++
    Reckon they'll insure this bloke?


    This also counts as a 'KC view' thread. Picture taken from my balcony. 5 minutes ago.


  12. sprinter

    sprinter Member

    I just insured my 71 microbus with them for an agreed value of $10000 for $395 per year. It's all original with no upgrades or security features. One hint though - tell them you paid what you want to insure it for. I wanted to insure it for $12000 but they couldn't justify it as I had already told them what I paid (plus a little for repairs, rust etc)

    All this took about 10 minutes on the phone, inlcuding the setup of my automatic bank payments. I also got a policy for my old 68 Vespa (agreed value $5000) for $85 per year, and then because I had two policies she discounted the kombi a further $36. So effectively it costs me a buck extra per week to have my scooter insured too! I'm happy with that.

    Plus as mentioned before you get:
    1. Automatic salvage rights
    2. Choice of any repairer
    3. One free windscreen (or any window) per year.
    4. No extra cost to pay monthly installments.

    No I don't work for them, but I'm pretty impressed with the speed, efficiency and value.
  13. juzbee

    juzbee Member

    umina beach NSW
    Its funny but I guess it all depends on who you speak to at shannons as I have never had any dramas with them.. Insured "Nobby" as a camper 2yrs ago with Shannons.. Gidget is insured as a camper all I had to do is email some bloke at Shannons so we could get her insured after the resto as she was insured for $3000 before resto.
    However when I was ringing around for quotes I phoned NRMA and they said they would have to insure Gidget as a ... wait for it... CARAVAN:wtf: At the time I couldnt be bothered arguing with the fellow and politely hung up :)
  14. jon ward

    jon ward Active Member

    Travelling Australia
    Well there you go Juzz, Grover the Kombi can tow Gidget the Caravan. Problemo solved:D
  15. juzbee

    juzbee Member

    umina beach NSW
    Your an ideas man Jonno:rolleyes:
  16. BrandWagon

    BrandWagon New Member


    Just had a week of frustration with Shannons about insuring our camper and just though I would let everyone know what happened / how we still got insurance.

    I called first and got told that while they'd insure me, they don't insure any kombi that has any form of camper in it - including just a bed.

    Husband called, and got told he can get complete insurance no problems - as long as we don't drive with the gas connected (dah - pretty commonsense). BUT that if he had an accident with any of his band gear in it we'd loose our insurance - even though its just a hobby and he never gets paid in cash for playing. We decided to risk it and just go with them because it was our last choice.

    I called back to pay the bill a few days later, and got told that they wouldn't accept the policy anymore because it was a camper. Decided not to get really angry and just called back and started a new policy quote instead - which quickly got rejected because it was a camper and had gas appliances, which wouldnt' be used when driving.

    Once again, my husband called back again and got told the policy was still valid and they'd insure us. He explained to the guy all we had just been though and he went to his team leader to check what was happening, then told us it was fine and the insurance would be fine....

    So the moral is, just keep trying until you get someone who says yes and pay straight away :)

    I don't know what the problem with Shannon's is at the moment - father in laws porches have always been insured with them with no problems, even when he changes what is actually in them every second week or races it....
  17. BargeArse

    BargeArse Active Member

    Ebbw Vale, QLD
    It's a shame that there's no consistency built into it, hey. I don't know how their computer system works, but surely they could put notes in the system under VW Kombi regarding what they can and can't insure as far as campers are concerned. You know, list examples of things that are allowed and aren't. So bed = yes. And connected gas = no. That would make it so much more black and white.

    And the bit about lugging band gear intrigues me a little. That's pretty much what I bought Daisy for and would be a little upset if I had an accident with my gear in it and then found out the policy was null and void because of it. Okay, so I'd also be upset that I had my gear in an accident. Oh, and my Kombi too!
  18. 76 kombi

    76 kombi Member

    Shannons can be inconsistent depending on who you talk to. Best to be persistent and speak to someone there who really knows whats going on.

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