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V6 Conversion

Discussion in ''How To' & 'Handy Hints'' started by Kombirod, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Kombirod

    Kombirod New Member

    Manly, NSW
    urbex's bus has got me thinking about more power now that I drive my bus every day all around Sydney for work.

    can anyone point me in the right direction for info on a V6 conversion.

    Approx costs, problems, who does it that is worth speaking to.

    I know that some will have opinions so I am keen on any input.

    peace out!
  2. Kai

    Kai Well-Known Member

    Sydney, NSW
    hey rod im sure you know about the chiefs v6 dual cab, so he would be a good person to talk to, i dont know about price. Some other good people could custom bugs and buses and volks conversions.

    I know chief has done several watercooled engines. www.kruizinwagon.com.au
  3. OberonViking

    OberonViking Well-Known Member

    Bathurst, NSW
    I'm selling my VR Commodore if you want a starting point. $2000. Then an adapter plate for $7-800 (if I remember correctly). The rest of it is making the things fit, engine, radiator & thermo fan, wiring, heating the cabin etc. The base cost is relatively cheap, the labour to make it work is... is... as long as a piece of string.

    I've been thinking about it as I drive the Commodore or the DC to work each day.

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