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Warning Will Robinson Heater tube insulation

Discussion in 'Splitty Tech Clinic' started by beerdoc, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. beerdoc

    beerdoc Active Member

    Geelong Vic
    Hi Split Doc

    Took my old insulation of the bus today and it looked a lot like asbestos matting we used at Alcoa 30 years ago

    Can you confirm this please?
  2. Dr Split

    Dr Split New Member

    Ah yes indeed,

    The doctor hasn't had it tested but it looks pretty much like absestos
    based pipe lagging to him as well. The doctor has always removed it from
    his busses and is very careful when he does so - gas filters in a breathing
    mask etc etc.

    Dr Split
  3. kom123

    kom123 New Member

    I have heard the same thing before about asbestos so it could be right.

    Just before Valla I fitted new insulation with some special foam from Clark Rubber which is specifically resistant to high heat. I bought the 10mm thickness which was just right once you wrapped it around and it was $60 per metre! It went right up to 19mm thickness which I think was around $130 per metre!!

    Seemed to work ok because the kids went red faced in the back and complained they were cooking! Had to shut the back vents off :)

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