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What this section is all about

Discussion in 'Buying and selling help' started by Roy, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Roy

    Roy Administrator Staff Member

    Mudgeeraba, Qld
    This section is to help members, when either buying or selling.

    If you are not too sure what to look for when buying, or what is deemed to be a reasonable price, another member may be able to help.

    We are here to help each other, most have been through the hoops already a number of times

    Asking questions may save you a small fortune in the long run.
    If its your first Kombi we want it to be a good one 8)

    Please do not place exact locations of any vehicle on this forum, or sellers details, this is a public viewing area.

    Some members have offered to inspect any vehicle in thier area, this they are doing totally free of charge, so please allow plenty of time.

    If you want an inspection carried out please contact a moderator, your request will be passed on to a volunteer in the vehicles' area, it is advisable not to accept help from a member that is not listed.

    This is oly meant as a guide and assistance to buyers or sellers


  2. seashell

    seashell Member

    Hello Roy
    I have just read your guide to this section - too late!! - as I had just posted a request for someone to help out with an inspection of a T3 Kombi in Brisbane, and until reading your post, didnt realise that I should have made the request through a moderator.
    I am in Tassie. The van is on ebay and the auction is running for the next 5 days so I realise it is probably a bit much to ask such a favour over so short a time span. I have had a chat to the owner and I think that it should be a worthwhile purchase but I am no mechanic and cant get to Qld to check it. Anyway thanks for your time.
  3. Ibujen

    Ibujen New Member

    Wingham. Mid north coast NSW
    Hi Roy, I am new to this site and hope I am doing the right thing as I don't want to breech any rules. We are looking for a Kombi. So far we have looked at one not listed for sale yet but it seemed overpriced and not what we wanted inside the van and also stripped back and untainted..too much work. Anyway please let me know if I need to be writing in another forum if I am advertising for wanted to buy. Thanks for your help. Jen
  4. Mustard Sally

    Mustard Sally Member

    Mate want to buy a split screen bus

    Hi All
    Got a mate chasing a split screen bus[8 seats if possible].Year optional
    Does not have the time to restore himself, so something with RWC etc.
    He lives in Melbourne and will travel if needed.
    Please PM message me, or even email, peterbritt511@hotmail.com with any that you know of.

    Mustard Sally
  5. KitKat

    KitKat New Member

    Umina Beach NSW
    Hi there. I'm looking at a Kombi tomorrow. A 1976 one and I really need some tips. Anyone in Palm Beach NSW area tomorrow who might know a thing or 2 about the mechanics of a kombi and willing to help me out? Just started using this forum to so maybe private message me if u can help? I would be so grateful. Kat
  6. 68BUS

    68BUS Well-Known Member

    Kat. I am on mobile so too hard to link. There is a checklist done as a sticky on one forum topic. I am think it is in buying and selling which you halready found. Print it and read through and take with you.
    Mechanics are important. The best way is to drive it. But you can check play by pulling the lower flywheel ( there are only two wheels that the belt sits on) back and forth. No movement is great. About half a mm is okay. The more play the more the engine wear.

    The. IG thing to check is body rust. Anything in the lower 6inches of the body. Also window sills. If you can see rust or bubbles in paint what is behind is between 10&30 times worse.

    Also if you are walking round with that list you will learn about the car from the owner. Either they will help you run through it or they will be cagey about it. In which case you know there is something to hide.

    It do remember out of the 100% of kombi owners less then 1% have a perfect bus. But about 90%+ enjoy their busses to bits.
  7. Elton Fedel

    Elton Fedel New Member

    Hi dear Friends!

    If you want to import a Kombi, please let me know. I'm from Brazil and I can easily find the model you need.

    Let me know here or through my e-mail - eltonfedel@gmail.com

    All the best!
  8. Wilbur

    Wilbur Member

    Maryborough, Qld
    Hi Roy,
    I'm hoping someone living in Sydney particularly the Sutherland Shire can inspect a Kombi for me. I look forward to hearing back from you at your convenience. Cheers
  9. elouise

    elouise Active Member

    Hi kombi lovers, I'm new to the forum and am looking at buying a kombi in the next 12 months (I havd funds available now but wang to do my research and get exactly what I want ). I was hoping that some people in brisbane that own a kombi would be happy for me to come and see there kombis , the changes they have made to the kombi and get some advice, experience and education on the kombi before buying my own . Happy to travel to the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast . If you are happy to help me out please personally message me . Hope I have posted this in the right section.

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