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What to do to 61 Split

Discussion in 'Splitty Tech Clinic' started by 2slow, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. 2slow

    2slow Member

    Brisbane - South
    Ok Doc, not sure if you are the man (or woman :D ) to make reccomendations but I will ask anyway.

    After driving the Kombi quite a bit over the past few weeks I want to achieve the following:

    1) Better ride quality (quieter, more power, top speed better than 85kph + reliability)
    2) Better brakes

    Do you have any suggestions (or anyone else have any?)


  2. Dr Split

    Dr Split New Member

    A potted guide - dense information follows

    To achieve your aims, the Doctor would IRS convert the rear of the bus to get rid of the reduction boxes (improve gearing) and improve handling.

    There are many good conversions available and the Doctor advises factors to consider are (a) price, and (b) ease of converting back to original IF that is a consideration for you.
    Most IRS conversion allow the ?bolt-on? use of the later and bigger 68-69 drums
    (with wide 5 stud pattern) or post 69 drums (bay bus close 5 stud pattern). Select whichever gives you the pattern that matches with whatever eventually happens on the front. You can adjust the IRS to ride from about 1 inch below stock ride height to 3.5 inches below stock ride height. Note you will end up having to drop the front a least a bit (an inch or so) if you want IRS without a noticeably ?nose-up? attitude.

    L Bug IRS box is a good strong box to put in but the doctor believes you need bigger than a stock 1600 to push the 3.88 R&P. If you want to stay with a 1600 for affordability reasons the Doctor recommends a Beetle or type 3 IRS box with a 4.125 R&P.

    Ride Height ? Close to stock

    Front end depends conversion is really dictacted by how low you want to go all round. If you want to stay with 1 inch or so of stock height you can fit adjusters and a disc brake conversion to the king and link pin splittie beam.

    Alternatively, a 68/69 bay bus (ball joint) beam will bolt straight into the splittie but ride 2 inches or so higher. To achieve stock height or just below, beam adjusters will also also have to be fitted. You can leave the bigger wide 5 pattern 68-69 front drums on, but later bay bus discs will bolt up ?straight up? to this beam (replace from ball joints on).

    If you go later discs you?ll need a post 71 bay bus master cylinder conversion as well (the doctor thinks dual circuit conversion are good things for all splitties).

    At this time the 68/69 beam conversion would probably be the slightly cheaper conversion, IF you can pick the parts up for a good price (and these things are getting pricey now ? everybody wants em because it was a good cheap conversion but demand has effected to ?cheap? part of the equation).

    Ride height ? lowered and driveable

    If you want to go as low as practicably every day driveable, then the Doctor recommends dropped spindles on the king and link pin splittie beam. Dropped spindles will lower 3.5 inches and front end geometry and suspension remains unchanged. You do have to be selective about you tyre and wheel combinations to avoid rubbing.

    For this ride height the doctor much prefers dropped spindles rather than a 68-69 beam lowered 5 to 5.5 inches on adjusters. The Doctor has treated a number of back and kidney injuries resulting from this combination!

    However another added expense with the dropped spindle on splittie beam option is a disc brake conversion (which the doctor recommends) - kits are available with wide 5 or close 5 stud pattern.

    The other option for 3.5 inches lowered is dropped spindles on the 68-69 ball joint beam with adjusters and post 72 disc brakes fitted. Ball joint dropped spindles are offered in Australia and overseas now. However, the doctor points out they are ?welded? (splittie dropped spindles are not welded) and you need to talk about with the provider about ?approval? if you are concerned with things meeting ADR requirements and being ?legal?.

    Dr Split
  3. 2slow

    2slow Member

    Brisbane - South
    Wow, what a lot of info.

    Ok I am happy to keep the standard (or close to it) ride height and want to keep the original wheels if possible but want the later discs so it seems this will not be possible. It seems the hardest part will be sourcing all the correct parts.

    To achive this I gather I need the following:

    IRS Conversion
    68/69 Bay Bus Beam
    Beam Adjusters
    Later Bay Discs
    71 Bay Master Cylinder Conversion
    1600 should be ok for what I want
    Bettle IRS box

    Is it possible for a novice to do any of this work as it sounds very costly??



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