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Where are all the pics??

Discussion in 'The Kombi Club Bus Stop 2013' started by VanAime, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. oldman

    oldman Super Moderator Staff Member

    Avalon Beach NSW
    I think the photo's of JD,Alpal & Curtis' tent pole shot are the three that sum up TBS perfectly !! Thanks Ian, great stuff !! Cheers, mark
  2. Dubman

    Dubman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the photos guys, and of course JD for your wrap up, made me feel I was there in beer, wine and spirit. Roll on Griffith 2014 I will make it my mission to be there.
  3. BargeArse

    BargeArse Active Member

    Ebbw Vale, QLD
    Mark, I think the last night of the Bus Stop took its toll. Curtis definitely wasn't doing so well, and neither was Lewis allegedly...

  4. Alpal

    Alpal Moderator Staff Member

    Melbourne Bend of Islands
    I was just looking at the box thingamajigs that hold the gas bottles under the shit-box contender. Thats my story and i'm sticking to it!
  5. oldman

    oldman Super Moderator Staff Member

    Avalon Beach NSW
    Adelaide beckons oldfella?? J.D. in Adelaide:cool:

    That, it does John.........
    How does that Chinese curse go....?,

    " may you get what you wish for...." :p

    Stashed for future reference...............cheers, Mark
  6. ruby6689

    ruby6689 Well-Known Member

    Burnett Heads
    I think you had better add this last photo to the list :lol:
  7. Alice in Kombiland

    Alice in Kombiland Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone for the great company and fun. It was so good to catch up with people (through kombis and Busstops) that I now call my good friends.

    It was also great to meet new friends that I hope we'll see at annually from now on.

    Great photos...they made me laugh so much (JD).

    Look forward to next year...and taking out the remote controlled car comp for a fourth year running ;)
  8. Tangles

    Tangles Well-Known Member

    On the road somewhere
    You cheated !!!!! My frequency will be a secret next year and Griffith will be your downfall !!!!! :cool:

    I have been doing remarkably well. I have headed south from the bus stop and found myself last night 200km NORTH of the gold coast. An inquiry has been launched into this. I may be home in another ten days or so. If anyone can guess which path I will take, they win a prize. I still do not know yet which road.

    And a photo that typifies the bus stop
  9. Van Housing

    Van Housing Well-Known Member

    Yarraville Vic
    Have a safe trip back! Make sure you drop into Griffith to suss out the course for next year.

    And yes, of course she cheated. She only packed one of our two remote kombis, only to inform me that it was mine that was left behind - even though they are identical!

    She is going down bad next year! If we all work together, we can ensure she is eliminated before the final. *cackle cackle*
  10. douggieboy

    douggieboy Active Member

    Robina, Gold Coast
    Photos from photobucket

    I have a "How to" instruction for those still having trouble with the latest Photobucket and posting photos on the Forum.

    If anyone wants a copy it is in Word document format and about 1MB with screen shots.

    Send me a PM with your email address if you want a copy.


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