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Why the Kombi Phenonemon?

Discussion in 'Kombi Stories' started by Littleozzybloke, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Littleozzybloke

    Littleozzybloke New Member

    Sunshine coast, Qld Oz
    There are millions of cars on this planet...
    cars of all types....big..small..long...short...tiny...ugly...ridiculous..incredible...
    and some you look at and just go WOW..

    And then you get to the Kombi...Why is this regurgetated, revitalised, reinvented vehicle put together in a certain way cause this phenonemon?...
    It's the most loved piece of vehicular machinery in the world...

    A quick search on google says there are about 1/4 of a million Kombi clubs...
    The mere mention of the word 'kombi Van' brings 2.5 million mentions.

    Reading this forum.....some of the threads are like love stories....we speak of our buses like their one of the family..(true)...not transport to go places..

    Just a thought it might get some thinkin..

    As someone must have said....It's not just a car...it's a way of life...:cool:
  2. Schmoburger

    Schmoburger Active Member

    Nowra/Jervis Bay area, NSW.
    Here here! :cool:

    I'd hazard a guess that it may be to do with the fact that in the Type 2, VW managed to create not only one of the prettiest, but one of the most simple, functional and all-in-all reliable commercial/passenger vehicles ever... Just about everybody you ask will have had an experience with a Kombi, whether it be Kombi ownership, camping trips with the family as children, working on them as an apprentice mechanic etc... first impressions last and most impressions of the Kombi (burnings aside :eek:) will have been good ones. :cool:

    Then there is just the fact that a well-treated Kombi is one of the best friends you can ever have! :D
  3. 4tune8

    4tune8 New Member

  4. Van Housing

    Van Housing Well-Known Member

    Yarraville Vic
    The logical side of my brain suggests that the kombi ticks off more of my want-list (it's a car, it's a camper, it can carry large objects, it has greater visibilty, it can be self-maintained etc..)

    But the romantic side of my brain scoffs at all that and says, simply, that Woger is beautiful, fun and cool! :)
  5. SUTTO

    SUTTO Active Member

    ^I have to agree with that, Its just everything you need and want in one. Simple design, somewhere to sleep, plenty of room and space for the boards, mates, pets, Anything!, they portray the nice people that drive them and great culture and the list goes on and on that its just to much stuff for me to blab on about.!
  6. hoops

    hoops New Member

    Taigum QLD
    "i Want One".

    ".......big..small..long...short...tiny...ugly... ridiculous..incredible...
    and some you look at and just go WOW......."

    Funny you should mention these words in particular Littleozzybloke, I think Miss Phantom has heard all of these references over time and all directed at her.

    Just goes to show that everybody notices them there Kombis and I reckon there is a lot of jealousy behind it all.

    As I said in my very first Profile Posting. .."Even those freinds who said - Why do you want a Kombi - are now saying "I WANT ONE".

  7. kombicam

    kombicam Member

    Mt Nasura WA
    I find it hard to explain sometimes but when I am driving any Kombi I am always smiling.
    I am always listening to it and how it is running and I feel safe for some reason.
    I remember my very first drive in a kombi..Katie ...up the coast to Noosa and how it felt on the highway and my first experience of the aerodynamics of THE LOAF or more to the point ....the lack of them.
    I was passing the Pine tree plantations near Burpengary just north of Brissie, it was a beautiful sunny day but fairly strong westerly wind was blowing.
    I was thinking to myself wow this bus is sitting so well on the road and going like a train....no sooner had I thought this that the whole bus shifted across 2 lanes of highway to the ugly deep culvert that sepereates NTH and STH bound traffic.
    I had passed a massive plantation cleared area that allowed the Westerly wind to smash into the side of the bus and therefore give us a friendly nudge..
    Not one to panic too much(pride and joy and me heading for the ditch) but understanding also that this is my first EMERGENCY in a Kombi I managed to develop CAMS' PROCEDURES pretty quick and wrestled the old girl into a more sensible direction of travel.
    I took this to be a bit of a "Welcome to the Club" type wake up, to listen to and observe what you are driving. They are different from anything else and they almost take on a personality.

    I love 'em and so do alot of other people they just need to be introduced to their bus..
  8. Littleozzybloke

    Littleozzybloke New Member

    Sunshine coast, Qld Oz
    i know exactly where you mean..and on the way to bribie too....scary stuff to move across a couple of feet without turning..:eek: scares the heck out of oncoming traffic too....my worst fears are being caught in a convoy of semi's....they have a ball with us lot...but i see the funny side to it as well......as well as the nightmare side...

    seems we have to balance out the air compression(?) in the vehicle by having certain windows down so far here and there...or all windows up...
    takes about 3 semi's to work out which ones you need..

    still..scary stuff..

    road rage...in my area at least......is minimal,
    people seem to have a bit of patience for kombi drivers...i went to go into underneath kmart...and was worrying if i'd hit the height bar...as i have a pop top...it did...

    i looked behind me.....at 5-6 cars all waiting to follow me in....and them all realising my predicament..all going into reverse and backing up to let me out to go another way...as i drove away..in my mirror they were giving me a wave and a smile....well, i think thats what they were doing..
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2007
  9. kombikazz

    kombikazz New Member

    Dodges Ferry TAS
    Obsession or Addiction

    To quote David and Cee Eccles Campervan Crazy Published in Great Britain in 2006 by Kyle Cathie Limited

    "They symbolise fun, freedom and adventure and are frequently used in advertising campaigns and films to project lifestyle images. Although the vehicles are often associated with surfers or hippies, the truth is the VW owners are an eclectic mix of all ages and backgrounds who share a common passion - the love of their bus. They flash their lights and wave at each other using the 'wiggle wave' of thumb and little finger, which forms a VW shape, based on the old surfers' 'hang-loose wave'. They gather in their thousands at special events and shows where they talk for hours about their own pride and joy and admire what others have done to their vans.....
    Nearly every bus is given a name by its owners, and choosing a name for your bus is an important initiation rite for a new owner. In a world of sophisticated technology, MPVs and 4x4s, where the car you drive is an important status symbol, it seems paradoxical that the upsurge of interest in the VW bus shows no signs of abating and the number on the roads seems to grow.....

    I also read somewhere that intellectuals drive VW's!!!!
  10. ModelJets

    ModelJets Active Member

    I also read somewhere that intellectuals drive VW's!!!!
    How do they figure that kombikazz, I only just learned to tie my shoelaces.
  11. kombikazz

    kombikazz New Member

    Dodges Ferry TAS


    I figure one of these three is true:

    *You have just had your 6th birthday
    *You are challenged in the fine motor department
    *You have been wearing velcro fastening shoes up until now
  12. kombihero

    kombihero New Member

    I agree to all of the above but what is a cams procedure please? Never heard of this ever.
  13. kombikazz

    kombikazz New Member

    Dodges Ferry TAS
    Cam's Procedure

    I reckon a "Cam's Procedure" in this instance might go something like this:-
    1. Scream some really loud, obscene expletives.
    2. Hope that you are wearing your brown corduroys.
    3. Jerk the steering wheel back in the other direction real quick
    4. Throw up in your lap from the adrenalin rush.
  14. kaye and rex

    kaye and rex New Member

    All I know is that when I'm riding in Lily I feel young and free and able to do anything...it's a great feeling


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