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windscreen wipers

Discussion in 'Kombi Club' started by bigg, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. bigg

    bigg New Member

    Hi , yesterday i was driving through the Tassie rain when all of a sudden my windscreen wipers stopped working . i pulled over and thought i had just blown a fuse- but i could still hear the motor working . I can move the wipers manually very easily - so i think i have broken a pin or some type of locking mechanism that conects the motor to the wipers. i do have a spare kombi that i can get the mechansm out of - but my question is ... how do you remove the mechansm ? do you have to remove the dash? can someone please help me

    cheers Graeme
  2. bigg

    bigg New Member

    by the way its a 1975 Camper!!!!!
  3. similar porblem

    i had the same problem with my 69 bay (camoer) but my pop had a look at it and fixed it up so ill ask him what he did and get back to you but it could be quite different bing mine is 69 and yours is 75
    regards jai
  4. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    You prob wont believe this but i dont use my wipers.....I smear rainex liberally on the window and anti fog on the inside(as my demister is crap) and even in a heavy rain storm i can see very well...the water just beads off. I wouldnt drive if i struggled to see and rainex just beads the water away....
  5. rays76bay

    rays76bay New Member

    Grange,Adelaide,South Australia
    Try This !!

    Big G
    I had a problem with the 72 Bug...Wiper switched to Hi and was running
    at low speed...and thats all I had.
    Several months ago as it was teaming with rain, wippers STOPED DEAD....
    I taped the wipper motor gently with a hammer.
    Well guess what .. 2 speed wipers.
    That worked for a short time ...and I knew I had to get a new motor....NLA..
    I was told. I pulled the wipper motor out of the Bug.
    3 carbon brushes in the motor. One of the springs behind the brush had
    Broken ...broken contact = motor stopped.
    Went to the wreckers and found a motor .Springs back in.. Grease the unit
    And runs as sweet as a new motor....with 2 speeds

    G try the gentle tap ..it may work.

    Then if you get some life you know it will need to be replaced

    Rays 76
  6. bigg

    bigg New Member

    Thanks for those ideas, but i guess what i was trying to say was - do i pull out the dash to get to the mechanism

    cheers g
  7. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

    Dash has to be dropped towards you
    Expect a half day for your first time; (Sorry)
  8. Blue76Bay

    Blue76Bay New Member

    Western Sydney NSW
    I just pulled my wiper mechanism out yesterday. You need to pull some of the dash apart.

    First disconnect the metal strap around your glove box which is held in by one screw. This will free up the glove box and it can be removed from under the dash. Remove the screws holding the instrument panel. Remove the fresh air and heater control levers. Unscrew the speedo cable from the speedometer. Lift out the instrument panel as far as the wires will let you and rest it on the steering wheel. Unscrew the fuse box and let it hang by the wires. Now you will see the black plastic heater tubing that connects to a metal tube that sit behind the hand brake. This black plastic tubing comes apart in sections. First disconnect the black pastic heater duct cover that sit on the top of the dash by pushing together the clips under the dash. There are two covers on each side of the dash. With the covers off you can now unclip from the top of dash the black plastic heater tubes. You may have to push and pull slightly. They come out of the Y black plastic tube that connects to the metal tube. Then remove the Y black plastic tube. Now you have a good view of the wiper motor assembly. From outside of the bus remove the windscreen wiper arms with a 10mm socket. Then with a 17mm open ended spanner remove the nuts on the metal pivots. Under the dash you see a bracket below the wiper motor that is bolted to the body. Remove the bolt. Now wiggle and jiggle where the metal pivots are and it should come out. Remove from under the dash from the glove box side.

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