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New Profile Posts

  1. The Blue Demon
    The Blue Demon
    Nobody answers questions here...?
  2. Ian and Shelley
    Ian and Shelley
    It's not very pretty but it keeps us busy
  3. Joan Sheppard
  4. Mike Laux
    Mike Laux
    Have purchase a T2 1974 Bay Camper. Need some advise as to the best way to remove the pop top so I can check for and repair rust .
  5. rowansnow
    rowansnow nils
    1. nils
      Hi Rowan, yes mate I have these. They include the little felt squares in the back of the doors too. $25 + postage $3 to most places in oz.

      Aug 27, 2018
    2. rowansnow
      Hi Nils, Awesome! Txt me your BSB ACC No
      My Ph: 0409172500
      Aug 28, 2018
  6. Cameron Upcroft
    Cameron Upcroft
    1976 T2 Camper in the making
  7. Kimmie
    I was gonna change the world....ooh look something shiny
  8. transparu
    Rarely seen these days
  9. twobobwatch
  10. Jason stock
    Jason stock Poptop
    Hi mark it would be great to catch up my number is 0409796111
  11. Ignats
    Ignats 1500king
    Have been browsing KC site on carbs and you keep coming up.
    I would like to have my carbs refurbished and your thoughts would be appreciated
    They are Solex Brosol H32/34PDSI which I think I read on here some where they are not a great carb.
    So can you refurb.them?
    Are they a suitable and reliable carb?
    Cheers Ignats
    1. 1500king
      Oh.. so tell me more.... I fit them... but it's not the carb that is the problem.. It's the installer. CB supply them. They are not jetted for a bus out of the box. I need to know exactly what you have... engine size, type 1 or type 4, capacity etc. Anyway, look forward to sorting it out!
      Aug 24, 2018
    2. 1500king
      Check my FB page.. "volksdoktor" .. you will see.
      Aug 24, 2018
  12. Blondsurfer
    New (old) Kombi and new to the club! loving my little girl!
  13. Ian and Shelley
    Ian and Shelley David H
    Great colour, what’s the colour code for flipper blue? Thanks Shelley
  14. Don 56
    Don 56 Roy
    Roy, another new member, picking up my 1960 kombi in about 2 weeks.
    Would love to have a kombi club sticker.
    Let me know what I have to do to get one.
    Thanks Don
  15. ao767brad
    28 years since selling the last kombi a new model arrives in the house.
  16. Whitie
    Whitie dodsy
    Hey Dodsy, we have almost matching buses, have a same colour & a poptop like yours stored in the garage, unsure if Ill install it. looks good on your bus, cheers Tony
  17. 75kombi
    75kombi rudy
    Hello Rudy. I love your Green on your Van. Im looking at a similar colour for my 75 and was wondering if i could get some pics of yours. Was a bit hesitant until i noticed your van
  18. Tonyk777
    1. Tonyk777
      Restoring 77 camper .. floor in ply .. floor pans replaced .. new canvas .. rock and roll bed in next weekend .. happy man in kombi land ..
      Jul 29, 2018
  19. KombiEvie
    Restoring a 76 Camper
  20. sunburntwilly
    sunburntwilly desminton
    Hello so pics for thes wheel please. Bobbell42@hotmail.com or txt 0499 333 614.
    Thanks bud.
    1. desminton
      Apologies. Wheels now sold.
      Jul 19, 2018