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New Profile Posts

  1. brett hampo7
    brett hampo7
    Any1 want to buy a vw Kombi annexe . Nearly perfect condition and original
  2. Wattie
    Wattie wombatventures
    Terry, what about the Apex beach CP here in Mildura ? got everything and will probably have plenty of space from after the first week in February, might even get a few turn up from the east.
    1. wombatventures
      Have stayed there a few times Geoff. Great spot. Will throw that idea into the mix as well. A combined Vic/SA/NSW event.
      Jan 19, 2020
  3. Dylan Butler
    Dylan Butler chris taylor
    Chris, I wanted to thank you and your mechanic for helping me get my Kombi back on the road.

    You may not be aware, but my mechanic in Port Pirie contacted your mechanic, who then recommended a man named Rick from Victoria to restore my steering box. Rick did an amazing job and was very helpful to me and my mechanic.

    I hope your 2020 is going well so far. All the best. Dylan =)
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  4. Dylan Butler
    Dylan Butler
    1974 bay window, fully restored motor, planning to do a road trip around Australia... maybe convert it into a camper.
  5. Michael G
    Michael G
    Just celebrated our first anniversary with Doris! Loved every minute of owning her so far!!
  6. Justine Wilby
    Justine Wilby
    Kombi curtains!! Message if in need of.
  7. RemiM
    Proud owners and travellers!
  8. Andy Bakewell
    Andy Bakewell
    My old 75 Super Bug and my Son back in the mid 90s
  9. Andy Bakewell
    Andy Bakewell
    I'm in Nelson Bay and a newbie to the Kombi scenes. Hi.
  10. Wayne & Elena
    Wayne & Elena
    Hi, we're Wayne & Elena. We are currently "hunting Kombis" as we search for our new family member.
    1. David H
      David H
      Hi Wayne & Elena,
      Good luck with the hunt. You may like to introduce yourselves in the 'new members' thread.
      Nov 15, 2019
  11. omelette81
    Getting Close to having my 72 back in my garage.
  12. Vwbus guy
    Vwbus guy
    About to tackle remaining nose job issues. Got any tissues
  13. Vwbus guy
    Vwbus guy
    About to tackle remaining nose job issues.
  14. Vwbus guy
    Vwbus guy
    Building a bus
  15. ozykombi
    ozykombi Roy
    Hi Roy, any chance at getting a kombiclub stick sent please.
  16. Miss Poppet
    Miss Poppet
    We've moved to SE QLD now so time for a makeover :)
  17. onetrackwonder
    2007 T5 Daily,1990 T3 Single Cab Daily, 1976 Bay Camper and 1966 beetle resto being neglected in the shed
  18. Ian and Shelley
    Ian and Shelley
    Kombi - never ending project
  19. Ian and Shelley
    Ian and Shelley Roy
    Hello Roy

    How / where can i purchase a Kombi Club sticker?


  20. marvinsfan
    marvinsfan Gerry and Robyn
    Hi guys, it was nice to meet you on the Putty Road after Old Bar. Hoped you enjoyed your quick cuppa at our place in Winmalee. Regards John an Julie.

    If you do set up with facebook, this group is all about T3's in Aus. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1219383744776930/ you'll see in there many of the people you know like Scott, Greg and others.

    Hope you had a good trip home to Victoria.
    1. Gerry and Robyn
      Gerry and Robyn
      Hi John and Julie.
      Thanks for your hospitality...we're staying in Crookwell tonight.
      Home by this Friday.
      We enjoyed meeting some of your family.
      Gerald and Robyn
      Oct 9, 2019