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New Profile Posts

  1. Gary Osborne
    Gary Osborne Luckyphil
    Hi mate been a while. Hope all is good. Wondering how I can get antique Kombi rego thru the club. ? Cheers Gary
    1. Luckyphil
      Hi Gary
      The Kombi Club is only a forum and dosnt have anything to do with veteran & vintage car rego. You will need to join a car club
      Oct 19, 2020 at 8:56 AM
  2. MartyVS
    Just a middle aged fella wanting relive the best bits of my childhood!
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  3. aircooled
    Doing ok as my impromptu daily driver commuting to Sydney......
  4. Enrico Macchi
    Enrico Macchi
    Enjoying live in my pop top van
  5. David H
    David H
    Old guy with 76 Sopru 2lt fuel injected. Had 'Old Boy' for 33 years. Picture cost me 2 front ball joints.
  6. David H
    David H
    Old guy with 76 Sopru 2lt fuel injected. Had 'Old Boy' for 32 years. Picture cost me 2 front ball joints.
  7. jackandted
    jackandted zeuspig
    Hi there I read your post a while back re Kombi roof rack and ladder .. I was wondering if the ladder you got is fixed and stays on while driving or not ? Thanks Steve .
  8. stooedwardes
    Looking for the next project (Syncro DC)
  9. sonya Joy
    sonya Joy
    I wanna be a new member again.
  10. Brendan58
    Brendan58 Squidy
    Hi Squidy, are you interested in selling her? I am definitely interested. Cheers, Brendan
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  11. Kombi_Kouple
    In restoration mode
  12. omelette81
    Pushing for August to have a bit of something to show for all the monies and time put into me bus.
  13. FabG
    Hey I’m looking for front seats for a 1977 kombi , anyone put different seats in that can attach to the original tracks ? Cheers Fab
  14. GS-PEARL
    74 Bay window Restoration has begun! The old girl is currently getting her brown bits cut out ready to be replaced with shiny new bits!
  15. Leah Mitchell
    Leah Mitchell Luckyphil
    Oh Phil My mobi 0417190116, trying to send you PM.
  16. Leah Mitchell
    Leah Mitchell Luckyphil
    Hi Phil can I please get advice on pricing for a 1991 T3. I have some pics in phone. Cheers Leah
  17. robbie_77
    Traditional Panel Beater
  18. kombikid1
    I am looking at a Kombi. Plate says 2 seater but registered as 4 seater. Could this pose a problem? Appreciate any advice.
  19. Adrienne
    Adrienne Roy
    Hi Roy can I please get a kombi club sticker?

    Also do you know where I can buy ace 30 or ace 40 oil on the Goldie?
  20. to deadly t2
    to deadly t2
    what a pain in the arse is this 140 characters