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New Profile Posts

  1. Krush. The Kombi
    Krush. The Kombi
    Happy little restoration camper. Follow me on Instagram @krush.thekombi
  2. maff
    Buy a split or restore Herman my ‘73
  3. Jamo04
    On a journey
  4. Richard Bickle
  5. Grant 74 DC
    Grant 74 DC surf bus
    Hi Surf Bus,

    I live in Anglesea just down the road from you & i need some panel work & spray painting done.

    Are you still in the business?

    Regards Grant Wight

    If you like you can phone or message me on 0438 64 04 26
  6. Ezra Dennison
    Ezra Dennison
    Re enter Age is 46, and name is ghost machine.
  7. Ezra Dennison
    Ezra Dennison
    Would like to update age and name please, thank you..
  8. oldman
    oldman rays76bay
    Hi Ray…..the sliding door , rear handle adaptor is still going strong !
    I didn’t make it and to be perfectly honest, cannot remember the member who supplied it If you’ve found the thread, do a little detective work and you should be able to find out. If not, just remind me where that thread is posted and I’ll take a look. Cheers, Mark
  9. Liz Crock
    Liz Crock bern
    Hi Bern thanks for the message re windows. I am thinking of changing to sliding windows but you mentioned some other parts you may have? I wasn't sure how to PM so am writing here. Liz
  10. Lou Littleoak
    Lou Littleoak
    Making my dreams comes true xx
  11. wobbly dugong
    wobbly dugong grumble
    hi grumble, I really could use the Bently T4 manual. how much are you asking. regards Steven wobbly dugong
    1. grumble
      Hi wobbly, I am asking $275 for the 2 manual set, it has had little use and when I used it I copied the pages and worked from them.
      May 9, 2021
  12. bern
    bern Justin Lush
    got brackets, where r u at:? I got ther same clr 74 Sopru am selling soon 90% complete if you want a twin lol
    1. Justin Lush
      Justin Lush
      Thanks Bern I live in Keperra, I should be OK now, I have Tintop sending me a bracket and jet.

      Thanks so much, interested in the 74 if its at the right price. :)
      Apr 26, 2021
  13. Dan Harrison
    Dan Harrison Luckyphil
    Hey friend told me that you aren’t going to bus stop am willing to buy your spot if you could text me your bank details etc I will transfer money my number is 0422622635 thanks
  14. MatildaT2
    Getting back into Kruising
  15. Dibbler
    1974 Transporter with Sopru camper fitout - 1800 cc Type 4 - disc front
  16. Craig
    Craig westie
  17. Trent & Meg
    Trent & Meg
    Kostley the Kombi
  18. Gary Osborne
    Gary Osborne Syncro27
    Hi mate. Looking for a good welder / painter for my 90 T3. Anyone you may know. Cheers Gary
    1. Syncro27
      Hi mate, I had one that moved up to Port Macquarie and I found another that did my van 2 years ago but he just retired. Im sorry I cant help at the moment. I even have a small bit of rust coming up in my van and I am in the same dilemma.
      Mar 10, 2021
    2. Gary Osborne
      Gary Osborne
      Thanks for your time anyway mate. Cheers Gary
      Mar 10, 2021
  19. skarab
    Booked and paid. Thank you.
  20. RonH
    RonH Justine Wilby
    Hi. Not sure if I'm misinterpreting but are youin the business of making Kombi curtains?
    Cheers Ron