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Jul 6, 2014
Jan 15, 2010
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New Member, from newcastle

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Jul 6, 2014
    1. gusfallis
      I'm getting some new outer wheel bearing spacers tomorrow and then it all goes back together.At least I now know the condition of the gearbox as I've stripped it, cleaned it and reassymblyed it now.
      On refitment of the gearbox the bloody selector coupling casing split so I'm awaiting the new one to turn up to finish the gearbox install then the engine refitment.
      I had to take the gearbox and engine out as the crossmember would not allow the side plates to be removed. Trust me I tried.
      All a good learning experience. Big test will be on the weekend when it's all back together and test drive carried out.
      Wish me luck, Gus.
    2. gusfallis
      Hi Ian, thanks for your reply.
      I have chased down some good old original axles and replaced the slides that hold the axle in. On of these had slipped under the inside of the axle and applied pressure onto the bearing once it had been done up.
      Krackerz is lowered but not enough to stop oil feeding down to the bearings. Trust me I know they get enough oil from the amount I have been leaving at various places in the last few weeks.
      I replaced the axle tubes as well as the axles for new long axle ones and when the gearbox was refitted I discovered that the swing plate attach point was an inch further inboard than the swing plate, damn.
      I took the old rubber boots of my original axle tubes and low and behold the axle tubes had been modified by having short axle tubes with the small outer housing ends welded onto anothe inner part to match the required lentgh for the straight axle conversion that it has had at some time in his life.
    3. ian.mezz
    4. ian.mezz
    5. gusfallis
      Hi Ian, Gusfallis here.
      Not sure if you remember meeting me before.
      I was wondering if you could send me your address at Rutherford so I can call in and get some parts and info.
      My 63 bus Krackerz has a bent axle and keeps doing wheel bearings.
      It's a 6v box with a machined out bellhousing for a 12v flywheel with a straight axle conversion.
      Just wondering if you can help me out with parts to repair. Pulling engine and box out tomorrow so find out what exactly is going on.
      Appreciate your help, Gus
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